Best moment 90's childhood games, childhood memories

90's  childhood games, childhood  memories,
Kids  games 

1.Pebble :-   This game is played exclusively by young children. 

AIM :-Keep the pebbles  within the hand,  Pick up the pebbles placed in the ground only when you bounce the pebbles held in the hand.  Remember, after picking up the pebbles from the ground, the pebbles have to be caught immediately.

2. Spinning  top :- The rope is rotated with a rope. This game is based on time. The one whose lanyard rotates for a long time wins.

3.Marble  :- In which, each player brings a marble  for themselves and then plays together, each player puts in an equal Marble in the circle. Then start the game.

4. Thief ,Police :-  Many people have played this game in their school time on free time.  First of all, mix all the paper together and leave it on the top and as soon as the paper falls on the ground all the players pick up one paper for themselves, then the one who has the police written paper of the remaining thief Let's find out.

5. Hide & Seek :-  It can be hidden anywhere in the area mentioned (within 200 meters). And the one who finds it printed in it tries to find everyone. This  is the  one  of  world  famous  game.

6.Tire Swing  :-   Tie  a tire with a rope and hang it on the tree, Then it swing  in turn.   Anyone can swing in it, even a lonely man can swing without any help. More enjoy when  a another is swinging us in this swing.

7. Fighting  with  Friends :-   I remember the fight we fought together as against my own friend. But it was fun when we were kids.  Those whom we used to fight in childhood are still remembered.

8. Cow grazing :-   Taking the cow to graze at dawn,  because We used to plow through them. Sometimes they used to ride on the cows.

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