4 True Rules Of Success in life by apj abdul kalam

4 True rules  to  success by A.P.J.  Abdul  Kalam

4 Ture rules of success in life theory, words of APJ abdul kalam

One  of  the  most  inspiring  talks  ever 

Words of  Honorable A.P.J.  Abdul  Kalam

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4 true rules of success by apj abdul kalam, words of APJ abdul kalam---We  should  know how to handle  not  only  how  to  handle  success, How  to  handle  the  failures. Particularly  you  are  in  the  management  environment  what  turn  If  I  want  the  young  people  to understand  how  to  mange  the  failure  because  any  task  you  do  you  have  to across  problem.  Problem  should  not  become  the  caption  of   the  individual  or  a  project  chief  music!!!.  The  project   chief  should  become   the  caption  of  the  problems  and  defeat  the  problem  and  succeed.  Learning  learning  gives  creativity , creativity  leads  to  thinking,  thinking  provides  knowledge,  Knowledge  makes  you  great.  History  had  proven,  history  has  proven  that  those  who  dared  to  imagine   the  impossible  !  Are  the  One  who  break  all  the  human  limitations  in  every   field  of  human  endeavor   whether  science  medicines  sports,  arts  and  technology   the  names  are  the  people  who  imagine  the  impossible  are  engraved  in  our  history   by  breaking  the  limits  of  their  imaginations  they  changed  the  world,  You  take  DR. CV  RAMAN , you  take  NEWTON, you  take  EINSTEIN,  you  take  CHANDRASEKHAR  by  braking  the  limits  of   their  imaginations  they  change  the  world.  If  you  want  be  discoverers  if  you  want  to  be  innovators. I am  going  to  give  you  what  type  of  characteristics  you  must  have  invention  and  discoveries  have  illuminated  from  creative  mind  that  have been  constantly  working   and  the  imagine  the  outcome  the  telephone. 

4 Ture rules of success in life theory This is the 4 True line by apj abdul kalam

Well  succeed  in  Life :-   I  have  already  told you,  you  have  to do  four  things ---

  1. GREAT   AIM!
  3. HARD   WORK

and  succeed!  You  have  many  accomplishments.  You  written  books  you  served  as  president   you are   an   aerospace  engineer,  you   have  been  a professor.  but  you  say   the  title  " The  best  is  the  title  of  Teacher"  why  is  that?  You  know  I  had  a  Teacher   you  might   ever  say  young  boy.  10  year  boy.  What   the second  world  war  was  going  on  that  time  I  use  to  see  my  class   fifth  class  Teacher  in science  teacher  he  enter  to  the  class room  and  we  use  to  see  the  radiation  knowledge  from  him,  when  he  enetrs   the  class  room  my teacher  i  see   Radiation  Of  Purity  Of  Life!!.  and   his,  the  way  he  taught , my  dream  got  shaped.  What   should  be  my   way  of   life   he  the  person  that   teach  and  gave   me   the   vision   of  my  life   whenever   say  young  fellow  now   a  teacher   has   got   a  fantastic  opportunity  to  grow  minds  to  and  give  the  dreams  to   young  people  and  mature  the  dream  the  dream   with  them  and  they  will  become  great  human   being  sometimes  they  will  become  better  than  you  but  better  than  the  teacher  so  that  opportunity   you  have.

THE BEST SPEECH EVER - 4 rules to success by a.p.j. abdul kalam speech


The feeling whenever I do something I feel happy you see this is you try that whatever you may have knowledge you have something bettering the economy you may have better better may be sometime you can have a kind words you can have so if we use and make somebody 's life happy that you are giving and his or her life is a happy that's a better best thing a human being off that then you'll get a card root conflict free world that's why I used to say well there is righteousness in the heart there's beauty in the character where there is beauty in the character there is harmony in the home harmony in the home where there is harmony in the home there is order in the nation when there is order in the nation there's peace in the world this is a starting point where there's a righteousness the heart beauty in the character harmony the hope and the order in the nation peace in the world all in one of the others coming so where we start the righteous now remember this incident 1979 1979  slv-3 satellite launch vehicle I were the project director mission director my mission is to put the satellite in the orbit thousands of people work nearly ten years I reach the Sriharikota condition the launch pad condition was going on t-minute four minutes t-minus five minutes t-minus two ,one minute t-minute 40 seconds computer put a hold don't launch it computer say don't launch it I am the mission director  I have to take decision everything is on behind me there are six experts they saw did a computer database coming in and screen they see the pictures the screen they said there's a problem the problem is there's a leakage in a system in the control system but immediately calculation no problem we have got sufficient fuel and oxidizer country control system is contorta rocket to the record attitude and we can  go head now of course my experts view but I look a division problem mine...

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