Bingo game for new learner English Alphabet

 Bingo game for new learner English  Alphabet. Bingo game, bingo game free, best for learning by this game for kids...

At the beginning, reading the English alphabet is a little disturbing, to identify the words.

Two players are required to play the game.

This game can also be played with respect to the Hindi alphabet.

Do  you want  to give  your  child  the  best  chance  to  be  successful  in school? Then  let  me  show  you  how  to  teach  them  to  read  the right  way. And  do  not  worry  that  they  are  too  young. This  new method  I'm about  to  show  you  has  been  used  to teach  children  younger  than 3  years  old  how  to read!  But  first,  I need  to  make  you  aware  of  some  important  new  findings. The  whole  Language  Method  is  no longer  the  recommended  method  for  teaching  children  to  read.  That  method  teacher  children  to  learn  complete  words  based  on  their  shape. In  the  long  run,  this  will  show  your  children's  reading  mastery. Because  complete  words  is  not  how  we  teach  children  to speak. Instead  the  using  the  word  shape  method,  the  reading  panel  suggests  that  children  learn  to  read  better  through  a  unique  combination  of  Synthetic  and  Phonemic  Awareness  Skill  Development. Spoken  English  is  made  up  of  sentences.  These  sentences  are  made  up  of  words.  And  words  are  made  up  of  Phonemes. Phonemes  are  the  smallest  units  of  sound  in  language.  There  are 40 plus  phonemes  in  the  English  language. Let  me  show  you  an  example. A  word  DOG, Children  associate  reach  letter  with  a  phoneme. So: D+O+ G.  Then  they  learn  how  to  blend  these  phonemes. To  read  the  word  dog. By  teaching  children  the  phonemes  first,  and  then  the  letters  and  groups  that  spell  them,  Children  learn  much  faster  than  when  learning  letters  or  words  shapes  first. There  is  a  proven  direct  link  between  your  child's  future  academic  performance  and  the  positive  early  experiences  they  have  of  developing  reading  skills. Teaching  your  child  to  read  at  the earliest  possible  moment  is  the  greatest  gift  and  skill  you  can  give  them.
Bingo  game  is  one  of  the  best  game  for  4-8 years  children's  for  identifying  the  words  and  how to pronounce phoneme. This  best  for teaching  and playing. Please  watch  this  video  for getting  understand.

In this, players choose whether to play in 5 row and column or in 6 row and column. Especially this game goes for new  learner  English  Alphabet children to play because children can easily recognize words through this game. The players keep their tables hidden so that the other players do not know how much is left of them to complete.

Bingo game, bingo game free, best for learning by this game for kids

  • Rules:-   Make sure  that  all  words or  number  are  written or not..
  •  Words will be spoken one by one.
  • The player cannot ask for help from outside and has to play without taking anyone's help.
  •  If the words are cut from the whole straight line, then first, put a line and then cut the B out of the bingo.
  • Similarly, when playing, then one of the 2 players who cuts all the spelling of bingo, then winner will be declare.
  • You can decide the number as per your choice whether you want to play 6 * 6 or 7 * 7. Or play 5 * 5.

4-6  year  old  children  do  not  understand  why they  need  to speak  English  and  they  only  use  their  first  language  when communicating  with  the  teacher  or  with  other  other. You  already  know  the  English  language  has  very   distinct  sound  or  phonemes  that  we  combine  in  different  ways  to  make  words.

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