Complete Tour of Photography Career and Types

Basic types of photography in that makes the most money

complete tour of photography career, Photography types
Photography is all about creativity. All  about  the thrill  of taking that  shot. That  shot which gets you so excited and so happy  and it's great all that but it's not gonna pay your bills if you are not gonna approach it as a business. Out  curiosity, what are the most paying jobs you can have as a photographer and  who are some of the top paid photographers  in the world.

How much money can you make as a photographer?   Well it will depends on how badly you want it. The more effort  you  will put  in. the  more  you can expect in return. It will also depend on your  clientele, your  marketing skills and your  personality outside of photography. Well I'm going to help you to make hopefully the right decision when it comes to path in photography to fulfill your dreams and excitement  your looking for. Here are  top paying  Photography jobs in random  order :

Wedding Photography:

Now lots of people get into wedding photography because of the money side of it and also the luxury  side of it,but it is certainly not for everybody and it's definitely not for the beginners. so here let's start with the negatives first..Be ready for a very high-stress, very fast pace usually because of the schedule and you know  everybody behaves differently in a very nervous situations. I'm talking about bride and groom, family and you know everybody else. You will win if you will keep cool, be professional and very encouraging in those situations. If you don't know how to use camera blindfolded, you have nothing to do in  wedding business. Honestly there is no excuses, there's no second chances. These are life events, you can repeat it. Most of the people are doing this only  once in their lifetime, unless they get divorced of course so. If you mess up, you mess up big and your carrier as a photographer goes ....down the drain. The competition is a very high. You will stand out with your portfolio and  marketing skills, but there are also positives to the I do photography. First of all people are always getting married and re-married so  they will be always looking for wedding photographer. Second  of  all it's money. You will be taking photos in a very luxury locations, your photos will look very luxury and people will cherish your photos for the rest of their lives.

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

Portrait Photography: 

That path  would  be right for you, if  you are someone who loves meeting new people. If you have a great  personality and you can make them feel comfortable and relaxed. You know  how many people are coming to studio  which do not know how to pose so they are so they are so nervous or they just  do not like being on the camera in general? And the cons ? Don't expect that much fame in this area. Have you ever heard of school best photographer ? No do not think so. I didn't. Well but you can expect a regular work and in this area you have to realize very quickly that it is a business. If you are self driven person, if you like to be self- employed and you are not afraid of taking tasks such as billing clients and scheduling appointments and printing process, it might be right for you.

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

Medical Photography :

Let's talk about something non-traditional, Something which is really not talked about much but it can be pretty lucrative carrier when it comes to money as well. How would you like to be a medical  or bio  medical photographer? You know there are doctors and hospitals pretty much everywhere you look. If you are someone interested in this field, you should contact hospitals and Medical campuses . You could be taking photos for their textbooks, medical  fliers. You could be documenting their medical procedures and tests.....My name is Zdenka Darula  and I'm a medical  photographer ....Zdenka, you are full of it. Now, let's get info something very obvious and very highly lucrative, and that would be

Commercial Photography: 

Now there is a wide range of photography. You could be taking photos of practically everything. Employees, building, exteriors, interiors...pretty much to help the company to market their service and products..It is highly competitive, but extremely rewarding for the very hard working, talented and creative photographer.

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

Scientific Photography:-

Another which could bring money in is scientific photography. If you are someone who would like to work for government agencies, research facilities or universities and would like to try micro-photography , infrared photography and underwater photography and really really cool other  techniques,  you could be working  with astronomers, biologists , geologists to  take  their photos of their experiments. That might be worth checking out that sound really cool. 

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

Sports & Celebrity:

When it comes to sports, do you like to do the sports actively or do you just like to watch?  Usually  when it comes to sports photography, people usually think right away of  NHL, NBA, MLB, ZD....that  would be my initials. Well the best photographers  eventually get there are a lot of steps to get there. Photographers usually start working for newspapers first or some online media and then they work their way up. What's good about it is that you are gonna get the best seats in a house so you will enjoy the event as you are working. The downside to it is that you will need that long huge lens which is very expensive and very heavy so you have to be very strong to be able to carrying it out and you know  move  it from the place to place. You  have to be also very good  technically because those are fast-moving shots and also you have to be quick, you have to follow the action, so your eyes need to react very very quickly. Or you can become paparazzi and follow those athletes and celebrities and hope that you take that one shot which will take care of  you financially for a very long time. 

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

complete tour of photography career, Photography types

Fashion Photography:

Its fashion photography. Now do not mistake it  with the glamour photography. Fashion photography is all about the clothing and it is highly commercial too because down the road  you are just trying to sell to clothes. Glamour photography is all about the model. Fashion  photography  would be right for you if you are  a highly creative and you follow fashion and actually you like clothing. But if you do not like very long working hours and if you do not like different weather conditions because eventually you will probably have to shoot somewhere in snow then it might not be for you.

Product photography:

 The last carrier path I'm gonna be talking about is product photography. If  you very technical photographer if you know how to work with light very well, then you might enjoy this field. It's very very highly commercial because you are basically selling the product. There is not much room for creativity thought and it might feel a little bit like you are working in a factory because you are shooting the same thing over and over again, Some people like it, they do not mind it at all. Others do. It  depends what kind of person you are. 

And question number 2 is here. 
Who are some of the top world's most paid photographers?
Here are some of them...

Morgan Norman is a commercial photographer. His work is usually dark and moody and he does portraits of significant swedish  figures and international stars. Andreas  Gursky is known for landscapes. He likes to shoot form high points to capture as much as he can. In 2011 he sold photos for 4.3 million dollars which is the highest every sold photo. By he way, it is quite normal for him to sell photo for million dollars. 

Nick Brandt photos almost look like paintings. His focus is wildlife and he never uses telephoto lenses  because he does not want to separate the subject form those amazing landscapes. 

Richard Prince is known for a pre-photography which is taking photos of the same site with a time gap between. Sort of them and now feel. 

Gilles Bensimon is french fashion photographer. You could have seen him at the America's Next top Model a reality TV show.

Nick veasey  works with x-ray imaging and digital prints. He is also known for photo manipulation in photoshop. 

Annie Leibovith is the last Photographer in  this mix. 

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