Fisheries activity in village pond very easy

Fisheries Activity in Village pond very easy

Villagers are very quite in nature and they are sharp mined.

Recreational fishing:-fisheries  is a good to everybody. first of all, in the people of village contribute their own money for on  Fisheries. Before taking this decision everybody  involve in the meeting. 150 householders are involved in this fishery. In the meeting, everyone talks about how many kilograms of fish seed they have to bring. Fish seeds are cast into the pond near by the village.  When the fish start growing in the pond, then the villagers protect the fish. Bathing is also done in the pond.

recreational fishing, fisheries activity in village , pond fisheries

recreational fishing, fisheries activity in village , pond fisheries

Protection method:-  

The people of the village protect fish  themselves by being present there. The people of the village build two small hut on both sides of the pond. The hut making is a left-handed sport for the villagers. In this, there is a small support from everyone's house like 2 wood from some house, rope from someone's house, and ax, shovel, membrane etc...Two huts have to be built, so some people are separated on one side and some people on the other side. Then together build the hut. After the hut is ready, they arrange the meeting again, in which everyone is involved. In this meeting, everyone gives one names  from their house, who will go to the pond for the safety of the fish. And when all the householders give names like this. Now they will make a rule. 


The rule is that any 10 member have to work as a security worker in the pond for 24 hours. Security personnel can come to the house to eat food, and anyone can leave the work if they have   more important work. After 24 hours, new 10 people will ready to go to the pond. And who are done their work they can back home. This safety work continues for 5 consecutive months or until it catches the fish.


Fish food facilities are also provided by the villagers together. Peas are given in average amounts, because peas are good fish food, spinach is also given along with it. Some food are --zucchini, lettuce, broccoli, Cabbage, carrot, watermelon, boiled rice...Never give this vegetable together. They give different food every day. Feed the fish two to three times a day with tiny amounts for up to about two minute. If the pond is getting dirty very quickly, the fish are being overfed and are producing too much waste. Only feed  1-2 times per week and try a variety of different treats to accommodate the preferences of different fish. After 4-5 months, when the fish become big, they will  catch the fish together and then will be take equally  quantity of fish among themselves.

recreational fishing, fisheries activity in village , pond fisheries

recreational fishing, fisheries activity in village , pond fisheries

Good feed:-

  • Feed expense is considered 60-70% of total expenses and the growth of your  fish is entirely  depends upon your  feeding method. There are different type of feed available in the market and you  have to select one according  to type of your fish.  
  • Every specie of has its own feeding style  so you  have  to feed  your  fish according to its feeding style.
  • Carps are usually divided into three types according  to their  feeding  style, Bottom  feeders, column  feeders and surface feeders.
  • Bottom and column feeders usually like to feed from within the water and surface feeders like to feed  from surface. 
  • So we can't use total floating  feed for  carps because column and  bottom  feeders  will not  come  to surface for feed.
  • So we have to purchase a bit expansive feed but  when you are going to purchase the feed make sure that the company has a good repute and is making properly cooked feed.
  • While selecting the feed please keep in mind  the protein  levels of your  selected feed. Tilapia should be fed the feed which has 30% protein level  and for corps should be fed  of 20% protein feed.
  • Another Importance aspect is the local feed like rice polish and other home made products which are used for feeding can be used but their result can not compete with the result of formulated feed. Now the important aspect is how to feed. In this  regard you  have  to stay very alert and conscious because it will decide your expenses. While you are giving feeding you have to observe the response of your fish. You have to set the feeding according to the requirement.
  • Now you must know how to calculate the daily feed required by your fish , Always feed your fish according to its body weight. Keeping this formula in your  mind you have to observe on pond feeding  of your  fish. It can be less or more  from this formula.
recreational fishing, fisheries activity in village , pond fisheries

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