How YouTubers Earn money by their views Earning Details

Now YouTube is second most searchable search engine .

How youtubers earn money by their views not their subscribe numbers ..

YouTube, how youtubers earn money by their views , Youtube Earning Details
How many times have you been told or her TV says through YouTube videos but unless you have a million subscribe and hundreds of thousands of views you  are never going to see even a decent amount of money through YouTube  monetization or  Google adsense well that is completely and totally false.

I'm not saying that youtubers are setting out to lie to you I'm just simply say they are not painting you the whole picture and there are certain factors and strategies that affect how much or how little money you can make through Google Adsense that they are not telling you about.

I'm going to be debunking all of the myths about monetization and Google Adsense and making that are out there by explain to you...  

  • How Youtubers make money 
  • Role of Adsense on YouTube..
  • What is a CPM/CPC &  How  does it affect  Revenue 
  • How to get A higher CPM/CPC
  • How 'small' Youtubers  can make as much /more  than "Big" Youtubers 
How are YouTubers paid how do we make money from our videos :- Once a YouTubers reaches 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of launch time requirement  that Youtubers is then eligible to sing up for or  Alize apply  for Google Adsense which is the program through which we get paid by Google Adsense and YouTube putting ads on our videos and us getting paid from the impressions and clicks on the ads of our videos once you are  monetized when you go to upload a video to YouTube you are going to have a monetization tab this is where you are able to place ads on  your videos and you are able to decide what kind of ads you want--so skippable and no skippable overlay and then  the amount of money you make through those  ads is what depends on the type of act so for example skippable and not skippable ads are going to make more money than overlay ads because skippable  and no skippable will play before during and after your video depending  on where you place them and when  those ads are playing they are the focus of the video where as the overlay plays at the bottom of the screen during your video meaning  that the overlay ad is not the focus of the viewers attention or as the skippable and the non skippable  ads are the direct  focus of the viewers attention so  the type of ad you put on  your video  is also going to play a role at a factor in how much or how little money you make on your  videos so that in short is how a youtubers makes money but there is a lot more to it that a lot of people do not talk about common misconceptions tie to monetization  your  subscribers count has nothing  to do with how much money you make a two thousand subscribers can make the exact same amount of money as a youtuber with two millions subscribers...

Secondly  a female youtubers does not make more money than a male youtuber neither vice versa your gender and your channels gender has no part in how much or how little money you make and also a million views on a video does not automatically leads to a million dollars for video a lot of people think ads one dollars for every view so if your has 50,000 views you make fifty thousand dollars if you  have a million views you have a million dollars that is not how Adsense works and that is not how YouTube  monetization works so ...

How does it work?
So first YouTube has to pick the ads that are going to be playing on your video and there are certain factors that are considered when YouTube is deciding what ads play on your videos one factor being targeted by your demographics geography  and language meaning where in the world that your viewers are  Demographics in the sense of what gender  and age are your viewers and language in meaning language dear viewers typically watch videos and so they typically watch english  videos French videos German videos and then the second factor is targeting by audience and interest meaning is showing a specific ad to a specific viewers based on the type of content they  usually watch on YouTube and the content of the  videos they watched before yours  which is why  you can have 10 people watch the same one of your  videos and not necessary all 10 of them are going to have the same app the  Ad they are given  is going based on the interest activity of videos they watched before yours so what happens  once YouTube picks the app your video is then going to be assigned a CPM which stands  for  COST PER MIL  a better known  as COST PER THOUSAND  views essentially how much you are making per thousand views on that video which is another misconception a lot of people have you are not paid same amount of money  for every single one your videos every one of your videos will have s different and unique CPM  based on the factors I just mentioned  so you can have one video with a CPM  of $10  one  with $20  one with $2 one  with $1 but the first thing that will happen is YouTube  will assign and that video and that add  a specific CPM  then  it has also given a  CPC  which stands for COST PER CLICK  so  the CPM  is essentially  the money you are paid when somebody  views the ads  on your video and the CPC   is the amount of money you are paid when somebody clicks on the ad basically going to  that advertisers website or  products or service through the ad  on your video so those are the two forms of payment you are receiving  on your videos from the ADs  placed on your videos so if your CPM is $1 per thousand views that  means that on a video with a thousand views you make $1 and for every view  you get  0.001 cents  whereas if your CPM  is $10 for every thousand views you make  $10 for every view you get paid  0.010 cents per view  now this is  where a lot of   YouTubers start to claim  that you can not make a lot of money through  Adsense  because  in their  specific  experience they might  have  had a very  very low CPM  whereas if you had a much  higher CPM  than they did  you  have  the potential  to make more money than they do. Which is why the amount of subscribers you have has nothing to do with how much money you make because it is all based on the secret  you get  per video and how many monetized use you get on that video and yes I say monetized  views because if  your video gets 500,000 views and only like 100 people watch the ad you are not gonna make a whole lot of money and that's like five  hundred thousand  people  who could not  watch your ad but  did it so another  important factor in making money  is also  having audience members that actually watch the ads on your videos if you are somebody who has an audience that always watches your ads  you potentially make more money than somebody who has an audience that never watches the ads.

Another thing _YouTube takes 45 percent of your revenue just for basically being the platform that allows you to make money off  of your  videos which a lot of people are salty about which I don't really mind because I think it is kind of fair to give a catch to the website that's  allowing you to make money off of their platform and even with the 45 percent cut they take.

how youtubers earn money by their views , Youtube Earning Details

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