live editing broadcasts Graphics behind scenes of IPL match

 All setup behind scenes of IPL match

I want to show you a little bit of what happens behind the scenes for all the matches that you see on TV. Now, look at this okay, this is really important. 

live editing broadcasts Graphics behind scenes of IPL match, All setup behind scenes of IPL match

All setup behind scenes of IPL match:-

This is what is playing right now on English , next one is what is playing on Hindi. You will notice separate graphics. This is all the  work we have done. That is the dugout going on right now live Brian Lara is giving us a demo. We have got the Bangla feed, you have got the Telugu feed,  Tamil feed and Kannada feed. All of this is going on at the same time right now. That is how many people are working so hard to bring the IPL to you.  

So when you are watching a live broadcast when you are watching a live match and you are wondering how did he instantly get that replay. I mean it literally took seconds. The guy just off or for example there's a fantastic celebration it is very simple the machine that bring you that , that is this one.

live editing broadcasts Graphics behind scenes of IPL match, All setup behind scenes of IPL match

live editing broadcasts Graphics behind scenes of IPL match:----

Look how many feeds he gets from different cameras, Then he collects any information, let's say something funny happened at the boundary, let's say there was a reaction. You know you suddenly wonder how someone caught that reaction. and all people involved and then he saves them almost like a playlist. Now if you suddenly ask him listen bring up that reaction that Virat Kohli had to that wicket, professional is the guy gets it to you instantly so it is a hard job. And this is my Favorite part I don't know why it's called the fruit machine? "Probably because it's got so many numbers in it, So many numbers, so many colors", we don't know. but look at how important it is, Okay?  It tells you exactly who's batting , who is bowling. what is required runs per over, what is left in the reviews and exactly what bowler has done what? 

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The other side of this office, all our editors , all are recording. The guys who put storylines and feature stories for you they work day and night to get those together. All the interviews that have been collected.

live editing broadcasts Graphics behind scenes of IPL match, All setup behind scenes of IPL match


I am going to do my best to tell you what happens behind the scenes. So we are going to go and see the production control rooms and hopefully we will find something interesting there come on then. Okay so when cricket live is finished then of course the live match takes over and this is a massive logistical for us here at start to bring all of the languages and all of the commentary and all of the different pictures to everyone at home. And we have a number of different ones of them  So we are going to have a look at Hindi first. Let's se  what goes on in here. Now behind me you can see lots and lots of different TV screens. These are all the pictures coming in from the venue. So the way coverage is done is that at the ground athere are loads of different cameras and they do a out on site of the match coverage. But because we do our own special tailored feeds here at star for language such as Hindi where we are at the moment. Then we can customize that to our own audience and this is done by the guys down at the front. So, what you can see on all of these screens here is the different sources that are available to the director. See Director is watching all of these screens  and seeing what will be most relevant to the commentary we are doing at the moment and to our viewers. He is only got two  eyes but he's still get to watch  all of this to make sure that we do the most comprehensive coverage possible  and director has got 10 cameras.

live editing broadcasts Graphics behind scenes of IPL match, All setup behind scenes of IPL match

That he can work with in addition to the out that the world are giving to him. So if we go and listen to a bit of what Director is doing you might get an idea so come on. So what we just  saw a great example of how the Hindi feed for star  is customized from what the rest of the world is doing. Obviously, it is very very important for us. In addition to all the pictures that are available of course we do our own Hindi graphics we do own Hindi hawk eyes. So we customize the feed in that way as well.

Let's go and see what the English teams are up to and see how that different from what the Hindi guys are doing. So we are in the English production control room now and the first thing you will notice is it's much quieter  than the Hindi one. And the reason for that is because Hindi customize their commentary and their pictures for the Indian market. But of course, we are already provided with on English commentary feed and that comes from the venue. Having said that we don't just do one service, we do plenty of different services  and one of these different services is a customized English feed. So let's go and find out what they are doing. We have got a similar set up to what we saw over in Hindi. One of the most important things about television production is communication. Not just communication between us and the  viewers at home but communication between ourselves.  Now, you will see at the front there a series of buttons and the producer here .....

live editing broadcasts Graphics behind scenes of IPL match, All setup behind scenes of IPL match

they need to know what's coming next so they know what to say. This takes a lot of concentration on their part to actually think about what they have got to do next and say those things what they are doing, but also listening to instructions in their ear.  Of course there is masses of technology and masses of equipment here and masses of manpower as well and that means, let's face it, nobody has a perfect day. Sometimes things can go wrong. The skill of the producers and the directors and all the other crew here is how to deal with those things when they do happen. They have to think quickly, they have to react but they also have to make it smooth for the viewers at home and they do that in a variety of ways. They can tell the anchors what's been going on and they can tell the viewers. They can cover the mistake with other shots. But the thing is to thinking quickly all the time about what can happen.

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