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Article on : The process of making a digital whiteboard animation track record!!!

Requirement:- Your own timePen tablet, screen recorder software, photoshop software, Editing software, voice recorder, video camera, tripod, whiteboard

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What is whiteboard animation services

They allow you to tell a story and share ideas which would be impossible with a regular video.

“Whiteboard animation is really engaging, powerful and helps your message go viral”

Viewers are simply drawn to them which ensures high conversion.

The full process is not free; it costs around $1500 for the first minute if you go for a professional service.

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Creating Incredible animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos at fiverr company

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Creating Incredible animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos at fiverr company

Article on whiteboard animation services at Fiverr

Article on whiteboard animation services at Fiverr

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Hello and welcome you were looking at a whiteboard animated video and in this post we are going to discussing a process for you to be able to create your own whiteboard animated videos regardless of which kind of software or particular service that you use for example there are some who use the service Powtoon which creates animated whiteboard videos and presentations others Sparkle which strictly create whiteboard animation videos , some use sites like go anime Tron and even some use the desktop program TechSmith Camtasia 
others use desktop program like Video maker FX which is strictly made to create animation videos as well as easy sketch Pro which is again a software program would have on your desktop. now need a couple of tools in order to make this work you will need some kind of presentation software you don't have one that you own like PowerPoint you can use Google slides as long as you have an internet connection you will also need the ability to create and produce audio on your personal computer if you don't have a microphone or headphone there are very in expensive options available such as the Plantronics audio or 3:55 which plugs to your stereo jacks so that you don't have to take up any of your USB ports now although the process is going to be the same for most if not all video creators that we are going to take you through in this post

I usually think about this as a four step process
Process :-
  •  Creating/Writing Your Scrip
  • Doing all the drawing
  • Recording the voiceover the narration
  • Last one is recording in a movie format and video editing the video putting all the video together.

Firstly:- create great content/script for your whiteboard animation videos around 500 to 600 words, make sure that you have read through the script so you know exactly how long it is.

Now the best way to go forward once you have this script is to transfer onto some kind of presentation software and then you can then get ready to begin reading your script, not in order to record the script you are going to need some audio editing software.

Voice Record:- Whatever your audio creation software is you can use Camtasia you can use audacity you can use any of the screen sharing programs (software) and you have to remember you are going to be creating an mp3 audio or a WAV so you don't really have to worry about the quality of the video the only thing you have to worry about is the quality of the audio. Now the easiest way to edit the audio is to use a program like Camtasia and the reason is that you have a visual timeline so you can actually record your video in one take you can note the peaks in the timeline and you can edit it and then you can produce your audio which is going to be an mp3.

I would suggest is to write it this is not something that is written to be read obviously it's something that's  written to be heard , and I usually to make a four minute video I write a script that's about a page page and 1/4 kind of thing it's about around 500 words is usually around  5-7. 

Once the script is finalized then make to   the drawing . make sure draw the pictures according your script  in photoshop using a pen tablet.

I hope you are probably familiar with pen tablet. It's size medium it costs around $300 I like the medium size because it's big enough that I am more precise with. 

Voiceover I usually record at home in a walk-in closet I put a bunch of blankets on the walls to have as little echo as I possibly can without getting a fancy home studio, I use a blue microphone that's the blue snowball microphone I  known a lot of people use that a lot of youtubers even musicians use that it's extremely good quality and it costs around $80 or something like that so that's a very good choice I am happy with that.

Narrating Your Video Audio:-  
Now we can talk about the video making and the recording of the drawings so the way I do that I use a screen recorder that's the software that records your screen as a video basically shooting I don't know 25 images per second 25 screenshots per seconds and making a video file out of it, I draw everything from scratch meaning that I prepped the drawings earlier I don't draw everything spontaneously but when I record the drawing I actually start with a white screen with nothing I draw everything that I have prepped so the screen recorder has a pause a button that I use to you know change screen and double check but I am supposed to draw next and have a look at the script.

Just to make the video a little more fun and engaging it takes a fair amount of energy in focus to record all the video like this usually in a eight-nine minute video there's I don't know probably anywhere from four to five hours of drawings actually so it would probably take me around an entire day to record all the drawings.

It does not take to show your personality or a body it does not take spotlight it gives it a very clean result. 
Article on whiteboard animation services at Fiverr


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