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Copy Paste Online jobs from mobile

Here I am sharing with you the BEST way for those who want to do Copy-Paste job online from home without investment.

Have you heard of Google before probably yes because Google is one of the largest companies in the world with millions and millions of people going to google every single day to search for information reading watching videos and visiting websites but do you know that you can actually make a lot of money from a simple google trick, there is a small group of people that are quietly using this secret method and banking one thousand even up to five thousand dollars. 


This exclusive information was never shared to the public until today because right on this article I'm gonna reveal and expose everything to my visitors so that you can profit from this little known google trick as well.  As long as you have a smartphone or a computer and internet connection you can do this without any money because this is a free method and this is working worldwide.

Before reading this article make sure to subscribe to the website so that whenever I post a new article you will be the first to about the strategy tips and tricks so that you will be ahead of your competitors and start making real money and if you have any concerns questions and opinions about the article please do feel free to leave a comment down below so that whenever I see them I can immediately answer accommodate you guys and give you all the information that you need now let's dive in straight into the articles:-


  • Go to Google news.
  • Choose the best category for you.
  • For example, you choose Health related article.
  • Now click on any website form to show that page.
  • After opening the website copy that content which you want to post on your own website.
  • Now Go to the Spinbot website and Paste your content that you had copied.

In  Brief information:-

First, you to go on to google and search for this keyword google news or just click on menu logo of google you can see their news and just click on that. 


And from there that's going to bring you to another page on the google news now please keep reading and continue to follow what I share you process in order to get paid from google or another platform.

Google News page:-

Earn money from copy paste online

Now one thing you will notice is that Google will try to categorize all the news into different most popular categories for example there's business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, and health these are all the favorite topics that people would love to watch. Let's just say when you click on the health section that's going to bring you to another page where you can find all the news related about the health category. Moving on to the next step you need to choose on any one of shown articles suppose I can just click on any link and that's going to take me the official article, and you can see their that's the entire news about this particular topic and this where the magic happens you can actually use google news and other people's article. 

Choose a Professional article that we can make money from now lets just say if I like some article just copy the entire paragraph. Moving on to step number two  I want you to go to spinbot , basically, this is a free app and free software that allows you to do article spinning ( Article spinning and Text rewriting ) now the concept here is really simple they basically have two boxes, their website box number one is where you can enter the paste or text to rewrite the article that's were we are gonna paste the entire paragraph and article into this box and when  scroll down you can just click on the go button and this software will automatically help to rewrite this entire article and paragraph into a brand new unique article.

Spinbot website:-

How to Earn money from copy paste online job from mobile, copy-paste job online

You are going to do is click on I'm not a robot and you can just click on the go button and as you can see magic with literally just one click of a button its gonna automatically help you to rewrite the entire text into a brand new article now for some of you guys who already know the power of this you can literally use the power of google especially google news , you gonna find different hot topics and different popular article that are professionally written by other people.

Moving on we can use the power of AI technology and spinbot to rewrite the articles into very unique content and we can use this brand new article and you can make a lot of money especially paypal money then transfer to a lot of different payment options now moving on to step number three once you've successfully rewritten a few articles you are gonna go to different websites in orders to get paid now this article will talk about a total three different websites.

Make sure you read until the end to learn all of them because the more websites that you sign up the more money you are going to make now for website number which is textbroker you can go to textbroker.com once you come over to the home page then click on the write content button, then you are going to click on the Payment button, its show you your potential earnings and how much money actually get paid now depending on the quality of your articles they are gonna rate you from 2 stars up to 5 starts different rating will earn you different amounts of money per words that you read once again I just want to re-emphasize that you don't have to write any of your own articles you don't need any writing skill you don't need any technology or experience all you have to do is just simply follow this simple strategy.

Go into google news and find the simple professional articles written by other people and using the power of spinbot to rewrite the entire content and articles and that's how you can get paid from google and anyone can do this especially if you are using high quality google articles you should be able to get rating about 4 to 5 starts which you can get paid 1.4 cents up to 5 cents per words  Now let's just say if you are getting a 5 start quality which you can easily get if you use the google articles as your basis and from there you can actually estimate, How much money you can earn depending on the word count for example if you are writing an article about 2100 words which means from one single article you get about 105  and this is literally one of the easiest ways I have seen in awhile for brand new beginners to be able to take advantage of this strategy to make some real easy money online and if you are able to find a long article for example up to 5000 words you can get up to 255 dollars from just one single article there are so many articles right there on google news and you can combine a few articles into one there are so many similar topics on google news and you can literally combine three up to five different articles into one single article and from there you can easily increase the word count in order to get paid more money on this website.


Submit your content on textbroker and get paid , copy-paste job

Few reasons why you should join Textbroker:-

This is 100% free registration and you have a flexible time you can submit as many articles as you want and then they pay you weekly you can receive weekly pay off once you've earned 10us dollars you can begin to cash out into your account.

2nd_ Now moving on to the next where you can get paid by simply submitting an article is -> website = iwriter you can go to iwriter website, these are the 5 easy steps in order to get paid:-

  1. You can register for a free account 
  2. You have to choose what type of category you want to work on what type of articles you want to write. Categories are Business, technology, entertainment, and so on
  3. Submit your articles 
  4. They are gonna review the article
  5. Once they approve the article they are gonna pay you the money.

Submit your content on iwriter and get paid , copy-paste job

This is depending on what packages people are buying you are able to earn a different amount of money. Say for example on the most popular package on average 150 words you can earn about four dollars and seventy cents if you are writing 3000 words articles you can earn 66 dollars, and the good thing is that when you are offering a really good quality article you are able to go into the elite plus category where you can see up to 300 thousand words you can get paid 217 dollars and fifty cents which is a really good amount of money you can use the same article and you can submit them (iwriter) and you can also submit them to textbroker  as well from just one single article you can get paid from multiple different income streams when you sign up on multiple websites and once again the registration is 100% free and this is available worldwide.

Now 3rd website is scripted now you can go to scripted.com basically they are going to pay you for whatever article that you have written now all you have to do just click on Become a Writer button on top and that's going to take another page where you can become a freelancer unscripted and you can submit your application right on that page, now once again you can work in any industry in any different categories and that's exactly why Google and google news is so powerful because they literally cover the most popular and most hot topic that people actually want and the most famous one including technology, entertainment, science, and even health and there's jus so many different resources, different news, and different articles and they are gonna keep updating them every single day and no other people are talking about this strategy. So all you have to do is just click on the apply now button, that's going to take you another page where you can complete the registration just put in your email, your first name, last name and the password to create a free account. 

So that's exactly how you can use the power of google and google news to put up different articles and rewrite the content and submit them into three different websites in order to get paid from google before.

That's the reason why I try my best to share with you the most updated and the most cutting-edge technology and by using this AI technology which spinbot you are to rewrite entire articles into your brand new content and this is beginner-friendly for anyone in order to get started and once again the payment is guaranteed you can get paid automatically 15 days after your job is accepted.

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You can literally set your own price on this website you can charge a lot more money compared to the previous two websites now for the first website text broker you can earn about 160 dollars for 3200  words articles for the second website you can earn even more money up to 217 dollars for a 300 words articles and 3rd website scripted you can earn double more money and earn even up to 300 from just one single article they pay you a really high rate and you can work from anywhere you want they are accepting over 20 plus different countries right now.


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