Earning of Digital Marketing in India 2021 Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online in 2021 Start With Digital Marketing 

Earn Money Online in India, In 2021 you can earn money with starting Digital Marketing | How to earn crores overnight. How to become rich overnight. How to earn money while sleeping. If any of you are looking for such a jackpot, that we should get rich in one night, then tell us the way, then this article is not for you. You can earn money online by your passion work or smart work. Join the Affiliate program and create the most informative content for your audience.

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Yes Lakhs sitting at home, there is a scope to earn, there is a scope to earn millions. But it is not overnight. It cannot happen in one night.

Earn Money Online in India 2021

5 option I am going to share with you today. Earn money online And there is a scope in all these five options, I will tell you, I will tell you with example. Example, Real Graphs, Industry Knowledge, Future Trends

I will tell you about 5 options, and you can earn money by work from home. And for this you do not need any degree, you can understand these  strategy by yourself. Self-Learning, Short Term Training.

Earn money online in India 2021 with Digital Marketing 

5 Options:

  1. E-Commerce [ Seller & Affiliate ]
  2. Social Media
  3. Video Marketing
  4. Content Marketing 
  5. Digital Marketing

E-Commerce: - E-commerce means electronic commerce. which implies the process of carrying out trading activities through electronic devices. Such as Computer, Laptop, Mobiles and other telecommunication network. 

In exchange for products and services, when there is a transition, when there is a monetary involvement. e-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services by business and consumer over the internet. 

Earn Money Online in India earning of digital marketing in India 2021

In Indian e-commerce grow, which was to grow in ten years, it grew in 90 days due to covid-19. And some people say that when the vaccine comes, ecommerce will come  down after that. Won't fall back , because it was a thing of the future, people had to adapt slowly, but due to Covid, people quickly adopted. 

E-commerce:- [ Careers, Opportunities ] [ Buying & Selling ]

If you want to get involved in buying and selling, how to buy products and sell online, You can help someone, you can approach someone. If You do not  to get involve in this thing also, and do not want go into consulting.

So you have all the roles that e-commerce players want.

Graphic, maintenance, Accounts, stocking, Supply chain, Logistics, There are many small domains in which e-commerce users need help. 

E-commerce ke Baare mein bataye? Amazon aur flipkart mein kaise products bechein?

Amazon Flipkart is an important player:- If selling your product online, what would be most important?  product , let's talk about the product, if you are the manufacturer. You make your own products, you have your own factory then the product is chosen. But if you do not have your own products manufacturing, you do not have any product.

So how to decide which product to sell?

When you think of a product, keep a few things in mind :- "Need Identification" "Profit Margin" What products are in your mind, what product are you thinking, do people need it? If people have a need, then the scope of the product is the future. If not necessary, then whom will you sell?

How is the profitability? If there is profit, we will grow, if there is profit, then we will expand. And do you have interest in that product? 

To search a product, first of all, type on Google "Amazon best Sellers" Click on the top most link you will find there. See, here you have categories in the left hand side in which you can sell. You see the categories in which you have interest. Look at the products inside them.

Earn Money Online through your passion by work from Home.

Social Media:-

So far you may thought social media is make a page on facebook post things on twitter, YouTube or anywhere else. Main aim of social media marketing, Run ads? But social media marketing is not limited to this, If your customer wants to ask you any question and is unable to come to your store then he can use social media, He can ask you question on Facebook or tweet you so this is a part of social media marketing or maybe 

If you have Creative Ideas, and knows How social media Platforms work, Creative thinks 

Approach Local Businesses, You can do social media management.

A pet shop owner, a bakery owner or a hotel owner, if these people know their work, then they focus on it, but they need social media to grow their business.

and with so many people, millions and billions of people are spending so much of their time on social media channels social media marketing becomes a very important way to drive customers to your business. Now there are so many new marketing channels coming up, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, YouTube marketing and all of them are giving amazing airways. 

I am explaining you today's popular social media channels, how to market to them, what kind of audience you should market to, and what should be your strategy for your social media marketing.

So let's first start with why do we even need social media marketing?

Their are many reasons why you should incorporate social media marketing in your business. 

  • Reaching targeted Niche-Oriented audience (Free/Paid) [ You will be surprised what kind of targeting you can achieve in this social media channels.
  • Social media is an amazing channel to increase the engagement and response.
  • Building trust, credibility and relationship with your audience other brands
  • Viral sharing: Allowing others to share your content
  • Increase website traffic
  • Building conversions
  • Raising Brand awareness
  • Creating a brand identity and positive brand association
  • Improving communication and interaction with key audiences.
Now definitely the usage of social media has increased a lot.

Facebook – 2,701 million
YouTube – 2,000 million
WhatsApp – 2,000 million
Facebook Messenger – 1,300 million
Weixin / WeChat – 1,206 million
Instagram – 1,158 million
TikTok (excluding Douyin) – 689 million
QQ – 648 million
Douyin – 600 million
Sina Weibo – 523 million

So you don't just start a social media marketing by choosing a platform and start paying for ads. It doesn't work like that. You have to plan, You need to first understand your business goals. If you are a B2B company, that means business to business company, or B2C company, business to customer company...

How company and customer will know each other, of course communication only. Communication is the content through which we are talking among ourselves.

Video Marketing:-

Online Video should you have one? or not? Well, clearly and concisely YES! you definitely should. And it really doesn't matter if you're a freelancer, small business or multinational corporation. And let me tell you why! It's because people love them.

Basically, there are just two major steps in every business: attraction and Conversion, You need to attract a visitor and convert them into a paying customer, that's it. And videos can significantly help with both steps!  

Video Marketing



  • Meme Marketing
  • Messenger Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Content

Content Marketing: When content marketing works best, it usually has two core element or commitments, first the core goal of great console arcing really should be to attract, engage and build an audience, not sell something that's when you'll kind of lose that great definition of content marketing, instead of being pushy, instead of being me centric we're focusing on them,  how to solve their problem, how to give them valuable information. The next core element is that, the element marketer doing the content marketing whether that's a brand, you, a publication, a business, you name it, whoever is doing it must be ready for a long-term commitment otherwise it's just not going to work. Kind of like the story of The Tortoise and the hare the one actually finished a race was the Turtle not the rabbit slow and truly wins the game when it comes to success through content marketing there is no overnight hack here you're not going to achieve those massive traffic numbers with one piece of content, it's 12 to 18 months of publishing consistent content. 

Communication, Engagement, Share valuable information.


Mother or father went to Google and searched for baby powder for my child. After that, I opened the top ranking page from Google, after reading the article, I liked their content. I read the content, I thought which baby powder is good for my baby. Their products were also on their website, so I bought their products because of the content, I became their customer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):- Machine Learning

Template Usage ( Will Increase)

Content For (Video Industry)

Steps to do: Research Content Marketing, Must Read Blogs , Engage in Quizzes and Story Telling, content create about latest issues, 

Digital Marketing: - 450 crore people on Internet, 

5D's of Digital Marketing:-

  • Digital Devices
  • Digital Platforms
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Data
  • Digital Technology 
Digital devices Laptops, mobiles have software inside them, websites, mobile apps. Digital devices are growing, mobile demand in India is increasing. As mobile, smartphones will increase, websites will increase, numbers of software will grow. App Development, Web-Development.

Digital Platforms:- Google, Yahoo, the all search engines are  digital platforms. Social media platform also Digital Platform.

Digital Media:- Email Marketing, SMS Marketing ...etc

Digital Data: Data is very available, who came to my website, how long they stay, what page view, After getting Data Understanding of all factor. A new strategy will have to be created for the Revenue Generate. Creating Reporting for other ..

Digital Marketing Opportunity:
WEB/APP Developers 

Freelancing:- Freelancing means working on your own terms, working with your freedom. To do work sitting at home. In which you can hire multiple talents. 
Social Media
Video Marketing
Digital Marketing
Graphics Design
Video Editing
(Tech Background)
App Development
Web Development

Choose you set of Skills 
Start with Small projects
Create Your Portfolio
Gain Trust of Clients
Create you Team

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