Why Signal app over WhatsApp and Why signal app is trend

 Best Messaging app Signal private messenger , And Alternative of WhatsApp   

Hey Everyone in today's article I want to show you how to use the Signal App it's a private messenger that you could use on your iPhone, on your android devices, or on your iPad and it even has applications for mac pc and Linux it is not yet supported on Chromebook through so, let me show you exactly how to use Signal App and why you would want to use signal app.

Once Again in this article I am giving you quick demonstration related about signal private messenger application  so that application is very safe and secure compared to WhatsApp no one interfere on that application for third party as a compared to WhatsApp and my literature survey signal private messenger application is more secure as compared to WhatsApp application

  • Signal calls, both voice and video, are end-to-end encrypted.
  • Voice and video are available on all Signal platforms - Android, iOS, and Desktop.
  • Group calling is currently in beta testing.

Which country made signal app?

Signal Messenger, LLC, is a software organization that was founded by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton in 2018 to take over the role of the Open Whisper Systems project that Marlinspike founded in 2013.

WhatsApp policy update:-

WhatsApp privacy policy is in the news stating that it will use our personal data and will share it with Facebook and other third party promoters this is insane and why they want to do it. I guess this is purely business.

Signal app Privacy Policy :- 

[ The signal does not sell rant or monetize your personal data or content in any way ever ] it means this is the most secure app and not sharing our personal information.

Yes You can also save your status just like WhatsApp.

Signal private messenger vs WhatsApp:

Signal private is very helpful for everyone , Feature:- Signal private group are available including group are available including group admin mention group like or more some such kind of information and Signal private messenger rating is a 4.5 star rating. That is amazing rating same to compare as a WhatsApp application. In this app you can stay privately chat with connect voice or video call otherwise video to video call, chatting a message, you can send anything on this Signal private messenger app. You can create a group also, the application size is a 118-mb. It is vey easy same on WhatsApp but signal app is very secure.

Steps for Install  Signal Private Messenger

1. Install App:

Android User:  Signal Private Messenger

Apple User :  Signal Private App   [ Download for iPhone or iPad ]

After Installing this application 

2. Click the signal application and go with continue

signal private messenger app, signal private messenger download,  signal vs WhatsApp

3. Get the message enable permission Allow, Allow 

signal private messenger app

4. And then add Here your mobile number you belongs to which country you can access anywhere in the world so I am belonging right now in India. After submitting your details click on the Next Button and wait couple of seconds for the OTP .
signal private messenger app, signal private messenger download,  signal vs WhatsApp

5. Now  add your first name and Last name , add also your profile photo, same process like WhatsApp 
signal private messenger download

6. You can create your pin code here four digit 

signal vs WhatsApp , how to use signal private messenger app

One of the reasons why signal private messenger has become a very popular messaging app

Is Because of its dedication to security and privacy, it is end-to-end encrypted just like most messaging apps are but it's an open source app you could actually see the code for the app if you wanted to and that's one of the reasons they got a lots of attention recently. 

Why they need another messaging app:-

Signal can't read your messages or listen to your calls and no one else can either in this app privacy isn't an optional mode is just the way that it works every message, every call and every time your conversation is 100% secure they have no ads no trackers and of course no kidding policies there are no ads and no affiliate marketers and no creepy tracking in signal messaging app.

I already have WhatsApp , why do I need signal private messenger , it's just an alternative to WhatsApp for sending photos for sending videos for  sending text messages and to do one-on-one or group voice calls and video calls 

Do not Miss to Install Signal App Alternative WhatsApp

Why someone switch to signal :-

Signal is not an independent, non-profit app and they are not tied to any major tech companies and they can never be acquired by one either which  adds relief that companies like Facebook can not buy it and nor our privacy amazing right. 

I know we are addicted to WhatsApp and many of our contacts are not using signal app but hey this is the best time to switch and secure our personal information. 

So if you are not addicted to all WhatsApp feature then you can simply switch to signal and don't let someone dig into your privacy. 

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