26th January Tractor Rally at Red Fort | Farmers vs Police |

26 January Tractor Rally At Delhi ( Red Fort ) Farmers protest 26 January.

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Farmer vs Police

 Who is responsible for the violence on 26 January?

394 Policemen Injured, 428 Barricades and 30 Police Vehicles Destroyed and 24 FIR registered in one Single Day , 308 Twitter Account Banned were promoting for violence. And 1 Protester Died as well.

What do you Think? 

What Happened Was Right or Wrong?

If you've already decided what is right or wrong based on your political inclinations then please skip this article it is not mean for you.

But if you are going to look at facts & then decide Right or Wrong then read this article till the very end. We believe what happened is an insult to the entire country , We don't like to show India's humiliation.

We Will Focus on 3 Points  




What permissions did the farmers have for the Tractor rally? ( MISTAKES ) Where did both sides go wrong on that day And what  was the end Result?

This article does not cover the right and Wrong of the Farm bills.

This article covers the incidents that happened in Delhi on 26 January , if you think what we say makes sense, Then help us spread the message to more people.

Farmer's Tractor Rally

1_ The Conditions :- What were the agreed conditions for the rally, 26th January, India's Republic Day. When the Farmers wanted to protest on 26th January itself , The police informed them that providing security will be difficult. Then were asked to plan the Tractor Rally on another day. When farmers insisted, they were given permission to hold the Tractor rally on 26th January with conditions.

The police first gave permission to hold the Tractor Rally on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway outside Delhi And the police had promised to help in traffic management and provide police protection and also help in getting media coverage But this route was rejected.

Farmer vs Police tractor Rally at red fort

Finally this route was decided But not all farmers unions agreed to this route. Sanyukt Kisan Morcha, one of the leading groups in the protest  agreed to the route given by the police whereas other unions wanted to enter inside Delhi. The Delhi police was clear that no other route could be given. Extra precautions were needed from both sides.

26 january 2021 farmers protest at red fort
Finally Route

5,000 Tractors, 2,500 volunteers, 5-hour window: Delhi Police sets 36 Conditions for farmers' Tractor Rally [ For Reading Rules ]


" No weapons such as firearms, swords, spear, mashaals and lathis including other religious symbols other than the permitted ones shall be carried."

" This permission is restricted only to use tractors without any attachments/modifications thereto. Any other vehicles including to wheelers, JCB, Hydra, trolley or modified tractors or any other vehicles with other attachments during the rally are not permitted."

" The organizers shall ensure that no trolleys, bullock carts, rickshaws, hand-driven carts and animals like Horses, elephants, Camel or any other animal are brought in the rally."

Some of the agreed conditions for the Tractor Rally protest were : 

The farmers would only follow the pre-decided route, Final route was also published in newspapers the day before And the Tractor rally will begin once the Republic day really is over that is after 11:30 and should conclude by 5:30.

2_Mistakes:- The mistakes that were committed on both sides, The police that an incendiary speech angered people. Some protestors went completely out of their way to Red Fort, went inside the Red Fort, hoisted their flag near the Indian flag , But this is no excuse to justify the violence that took place. 

Many people hold this Punjabi actor responsible his name is Deep Sidhu. He has tried to instigate the farmers before as well. People believe he has connections to the Central Government/BJP And this connection must be investigated as well, But does this man have so much power to sway so many farmers? 

Deep Sidhu was present at the rally and has claimed responsibility, He has been named in one of the FIRs filed by Delhi Police.

But this cannot be a clean chit for others, many farmers have condemned that act of violence as well the ones who condemned this our sincere thanks to you But we have some questions :-

Want peaceful farmer's Tractor Rally, confusion over route led to disorder"  Is Confusion An Excuse to Violence?

The decided route was published in newspapers before the Rally. 

Straying from the route and going within the city breaches the conditions of the Police agreed by Unions, Who takes responsibility for this breach of conditions.

Some people says that 99.9% farmers were peaceful, It is possible. But does that mean people who turned violent were not farmers at all?  If yes, then who are these people? Where did they come from? Are these violent people only.

Nobody knows how many people participated in the Rally ? 

If nobody knows how many then the 99.9% number is an emotional number it is not an accurate number.

When weapons were not allowed at all , how did so many people get swords and axes? Why were horses brought to a Tractor Rally Protest?  

Did these people have no idea about agreed terms?

Did nobody around them know about these agreed conditions? How is that possible? The agreed terms held the Union leaders responsible, then did the group leaders themselves not know about these conditions?  Doesn't this mean the rule were broken even before violence? Even after this, many people call this Rally successful.

The police does not escape any blame and criticism either , Why was tear gas used? Were bullets fired at people?  Who fired the first shot that incited the violence? Some protestors say entering the Red Fort is not so easy , then did the Police plan to let so many people enter the Red Fort? 

Was this a Trap?

These things must be investigated and looked into, who do you think should take responsibility for these things " Comment Below"

We need to understand this, that lakhs of people took part in the Tractor Rally at the same time And people's experiences of the Tractor Rally could be different, We'll come to know the absolute truth as time passes.

But the truth is, we need to stop justifying unnecessary violence no matter who does it whether by the police or by the protestors.

After all this, the farm leaders did one good thing for sure  "Farmer unions announce plan to march Parliament on Budget day. " This march has been postponed which is a sensible action And for taking this sensible action, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

The other side of the coin who helped people and protected cops, a sincere thanks you from us.


What did this violence achieve see, your principle is simple When public property is damaged the most important minority in the country is directly attacked And this minority is the Taxpayer. 

The people who left the pre-decided route and caused ruckus and caused damage to public property and who climbed on the Red Fort to unfurl their flag For us, they are criminals, they are troublemakers, they should be identified and penalized for this.

At the same time wherever tear gas was used , was the police provoked or had the right reasons to use tear gas or do a lathi charge on people? this has to be clearly investigated.

Let's keep differences on one side, Let's keep problems on one side, Let's keep concerns on one side And breaking Law and Order on the absolute other side.

There is absolutely No confusion about this ,that violence achieves nothing, People who are defending these troublemakers, They need to understand one thing really urgently that these troublemakers do no benefit their cause, They have caused a tremendous loss of credibility and humiliation.

A troublemaker has no religion, no caste, and no profession, their convoluted and twisted thinking is their identity. When we call an entire community wrong because of some people, we then divide our country into small pieces.

A wrong label on an honest farmer of the country is a black spot for the entire country. And the people who justify the violence are a HUGE black spot on the spirit of free protests, No matter what the black spot a black spot is a stain And these black spots are nothing to be proud of.

When both sides are screaming at each other it only causes chaos not a productive discussion And nobody can hear what we want to say.

If you found this article sensible then please share this article. Because 26th January is a day when we celebrate, we are different states, we follow different Religions, we speak different Languages But we are capable of listening to each other and solving problems through a mutually acceptable solution. When we need to display bravado to talk to our own then somewhere it ends up looking like we never had a point to make in the first place.

I request all the farmer unions if there are any protests in the coming days please take responsibility to maintain peace.

Keeping protests peaceful is in everyone's best interest   And spreading this simple message to all of you makes a difference to me.

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