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SEO copywriting helps you target your customers and solve their specific problems with well-crafted content. 

Power words for copywriting.

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Content:- A problem solving information in format of audio & video or text.

Copywriting:- Also a form of writing in form that helps or motivates to your reader to take action immediately.

Copywriting is like a Painkiller.

Copywriting is piece of content that can immediately redirect your readers to a solution quickly & effortless.

Copywriting is process to use the power of words to get more sales.

The way use your words it can change readers action , behavior, Reaction & thinking.

If You have an amazing website, But without a great copy [ Content] is just like trying to drive a Ferrari in the 1st gear you will get far.

Copywriting is a skill can make small startup to a big company, can attract lakhs to a charity & transfer a poor man to rich, or company or poor fellow to rich fellow.

In the Online word, copy is the only way to get people to pay attention to what you are selling.

Copy Activity: [ Think if you have big shop ] then how you can promote your brand for Free:

Ways to Promote your Brand for Free:-
Websites, Brochures, Press releases, email,  newsletters, Proposals, sales letter, direct mail campaign, content marketing, mail order, catalogues, google ads, social media updates, products demos, press adverts, post cards, video scripts, event handouts, posters coupons, white papers, exhibition banner stands, e-book's , etc.

Thus once you learn the way to organize your words to provide your customers and motivate them to take an action immediately , you become a most in-demand marketers.


WIIFM= [ What's In It For Me ]


They don't care what you know, they want to know how you can care.

It's a all about me syndrome.
Example :-

Copy Activity:- { Write about-us Page for Finixh Fitness }
So I want you all of you to take some time and write 4-5 lines about finixh fitness

Let me show you my activity: 

FINIXH FITNESS is one of the leading gyms known for its modern workout machineries.

We Are proud for dedicated trainers and unbeatable experience.

We are highly passionate about our advance training methods with a wide range of training sessions.

Note:- Everywhere you see it is about the GYM , it's not about their customers. It will not become related with your customers, or readers. 

Now Avoid the We language, Replace the WE language with YOU language 
Let's see how its becomes more relatable and resonating.

When you join FINIXH FITNESS you will find the most modern workout machineries that best fit your workout goals.

You will be mentored under the most experienced trainers, thus keep your fitness goals as high as you Like.

At Finixh you will practice with state of the art facilities with a wide range of fitness sessions.

Note:- It is about you and yours, 
We language avoid in any types of copy you write and you have to replace it with  you Language this is called WIIFM { What's in it for Me }

The Only thing that matter it how it can help your readers, customers.

WIIFM is a Formula that you can apply while writing anything & everything in the world of digital marketing.

You need to put into your customers shoes and start thinking.

Let's SUM up 

How to use more YOU language than WE language,
Importance of WIIFM?
How to step into the shoes of your customers?



"Converting Features into Benefits"

This Chapter Matter for YOU"

People don't buy products they just focus on products results.

Sell the Result not the Products:

Guys you need to understand now dates companies or businesses more investing for hiring high profile content writers, they are tainting themselves to create content but still they are unable to get result. 

Example: Let/s stop reading this blog,  I want you to just write in a plan paper that this showing features what are the result of this features, You to write this. Remember people are interested in result not in the features.

free SEO-copywriting course for beginners
Let me show you my activities :

Earphone PortHands-free Music
Rain CoverKeep your gadget safe in heavy Rain
Hidden SecurityKeep your valuable safe from snatchers
Expandable VolumeAdoptable extra space when you need it
LED lightGet spotted, Be seen & Be safe
The framework is called  SO WHAT TEST 

The car has ABS Brakes " SO WHAT " 
Asked himself " SO what"

It has ABS brake, You will have more control of your car, helping to prevent accidents.

This Hair spa contains keratin treatment  " So What "

Hair roots absorb keratin that makes you hair look shiny & thick.

B2B services:

Social Media Services { You are presenting the feature} " SO WHAT" think as a Client 

No matter how busy you are never miss to post ant updates on Social Media.

Content Writing Services " So What" How content can help me, you might be having great millions dollar content writing services " SO What"

We Help you Build an amazing story around your products that resonates your customers goals & Challenges.  

You have to keep asking " SO WHAT" so that you can further dig deeper to find out those deeper benefits behind the benefits. The emotional benefits. 

copywriting examples for beginners

Features can never create a hook that attention grab element.

copywriting examples for beginners | how to start with copywriting

Now What next?

Write a List of All The Feature?

Apply the " SO What Test to transform it into the Benefits

Continue asking " SO What" test to Unearth the benefits behind the Benefits.
Guys you need to understand again, features are life of your products, while Benefits are in the life of your customers or readers.

The WEG Oven features 360 degree heat technology, hot steaming system, rotating grill, & a self-cleaning functionality.

Discover breathtaking baking & grilling with a versatile microwave oven from WEG. Explore new cuisines & impress your family & friends with 360 degree rotating grill or save time cleaning on oven that cleans it self. 

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