IPL 2021 schedule matched Venues- Postponed

IPL 2021 matches Postponed 

Here we are then another IPL-2021 match is upon us it seemed just like the other day that we were in the UAE in Abu Dabhi, Dubai, Sharjah Bringing you one of the finest IPL conducted.

ipl-2021-schedule  time table 

 IPL 2021 audience allowed- Not Allowed due to COVID.

Will Dhoni play IPL-2021 for CSK - YES

One of the Finest IPL played it was a resounding success we are all very happy and here we are few months later getting set for another just been looking at the IPL 2021 schedule for the IPL 9th of April to the 30th of May.

IPL-2021 Start From 9th of April , and Final at 30th of May

The first thing that strikes you is yet another format it's the reality of our times that  we must constantly adjust that we must constantly adapt even if you are one of the great leagues of the world. Already it's only just for 12, 13 years old but already one of the great leagues of the world but you have to constantly  adjust to this time a completely new Format it's what they call a clustered caravan, it means you play a lot of games in two venues then the whole caravan moves two more venues and finally you end with fifth and sixth venues before the playoffs in Ahmedabad so what is the first thing that strikes you about that you are no home and away games again and that's big loss Because home games just carry a different atmosphere about them they're one of the great strength of the IPL but these are the times that we live in we still haven't got over this dreaded covid, that's now disrupted to IPL's in a row and so because you cannot have home and away games you have to do what is next best which is nobody gets a home advantages because when you have eight teams playing in five venues plus Ahmedabad which doesn't have a team then it's not fair that anybody gets uh gets a home games.

IPL-2021 Venue List


So here's another challenge but a challenge that I think was forced upon and a challenge that we have to agree with that there are no home games we play these games in clusters the tournament kicks off in Mumbai and Chennai so you play 10 games in each city then you go on you play 16 games in  Delhi and Ahmedabad then you go back you play 20 games in Bengaluru and Kolkata with the play off in Ahmedabad. 

What I like about this is that each team has to travel only three times that is an issue in these covered times one of the reasons the teams enjoyed playing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah was once you settled in three , there was no travel you just drove to games and came back travel in COVID times is something that teams are worried about so only three travels there will be chartered plans you'll go from one watertight bubble hopefully to another watertight bubble through charter planes and this is something that they need to be careful about and I'm sure they will after what happened in the PSL given also what happened in the PSL. I'm very happy to see that there will be no spectators early on and you might be surprised that I'm saying that given I have such a fan of  the atmosphere that uh, it's so symbolic it's so typical of the IPL but this tournament cannot afford to have any issues with COVID.

NO CROWDS Audiences in This IPL 2021 Schedule 

And so much as I love the fans I am actually very happy that we are starting off with the with no no crowds and maybe as you go along if you find there's more vaccinations we're a little more comfortable then you might have some crowds coming in later but I'm perfectly comfortable with the fact that there will be no crowds early on, So there you are no no home advantage as little travel as is possible and no spectators but it leads to some very unusual situations you know Mumbai for example Mumbai Indians five  times champion they love to  play with their two overseas fast bowlers plus Jasprit Bumrah Plus Pandya on these bouncy tracks that they like at the Wankhede stadium they're playing five games in Chennai and Chennai super kings who like to play those kind of games you know Dhoni loves these slow bowlers on those 140ish kind of 140, 150 tracks, They are playing five games in Mumbai.

So Once again the toughest T20 League ( IPL 2021 ) in the world is going to demand adjustment from its players it's going to demand versatility from its players and that's going to be something else to look forward to so we have our annual summer fix we have our annual summer joy I'm just hoping that bubbles will be really watertight that we will not have any trouble with covert at all the IPL 2021 goes to great strengths a great length rather to ensure that it's well conducted and I'm looking forward to a fantastic tournament uh getting used to a new format but if you have to have an IPL 2021 and that's how it can be played then so be it another new expression for uh to learn a cluster caravan I hope it goes well as all of you know I love the IPL . I love the idea that India owns the IPL and looking forward to another fantastic tournament.


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