Sardar Patel Stadium Ahmedabad India World class facilities

India's Biggest Cricket Ground The Sardar Patel Stadium World-class facilities

The City of Ahmedabad waited with baited breath for this day for six years for the Indian men's cricket team to return and what a grand return it was as the brand new Sardar Patel Stadium opened its doors to international cricket For the First time.

sardar patel stadium ahmedabad

Sardar Patel Stadium:-

Sardar Patel Stadium was Inaugurated by the honorable president of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind with the home minister Mr. Amit Shah. It's a moment of immense pride for BCCI secretary Jaisha The man hosting the ping-ball test at the biggest cricket stadium in the world.

BCCI secretary Jay shah:-

 As you know our honorable prime minister shri  Narendra Modi ji , is thinking big way so when he was a president of Gujarat cricket association at that time he give us a task to be to build largest infrastructure in the world and under the leadership of the former president of Gujarat cricket association and honorable Home minister shri Amit shah ji, Supervise enter the entire project it's not the largest term in India its largest city in the world.

With a capacity of 1:3 lakh spectators the stadium is not just the pride of Gujarat but India's pride too both for its capacity and for its world-class facilities.

BCCI secretary Jay shah: So apart from this stadium  we have a indoor academy outdoor academy as well as we have exclusive sports complex which contains 40 sports so it's a all international sports and we have olympic style of swimming pool we have olympic style of tennis court.. or Gujarat cricket motivate. " Motive of GCA is to develop other sports "  

Facilities of Sardar Patel Stadium :

Continue:- As far as future is concerned if you look at the lights we have LED concept, Capacity is around 3000 lux . So as for standard norms you need 2000 lux so we have extra 1000 lux and as far as dressing room is concerned we have four dedicated dressing room and we have a gym in each dressing room so the player will be comfortable after entering into the dressing room; The players are in awe of the stadium and its facilities at the world's largest stadium.

( Players praise facilities at the Sardar Patel Stadium Ahmedabad) Reviews

Hardik Pandya:- It took almost one hour to get used to the size of this ground and the kind of facilities it has provided us. I feel very very proud that we have this in India, where we can host so many people and we can have games here.

Cheteshwar Pujara:- It's an amazing ground a big big dressing room so yeah it's quite spacious and we are enjoying the facilities our here.

 Virat Kohli :- We are very excited to play at the Biggest stadium :

Rohit Sharma:- It's one of the largest stadiums in the world so we were all excited to get on to the ground and see, You know see the outfield obviously just move around.

Settings are truly amazing to be very honest we have practiced we did everything we did fielding and everything obviously it's amazing ground.

And even the England players can't get enough, it looks absolutely sensational and to imagine there being 50,000 people in there is uh, yeah really excited to think that they will get what the atmosphere will be like, we played in front of fifteen thousand in Chennai which was uh very very loud and I am sure it's gonna be even louder here.

As India's brand, new theater of dreams opens its doors to international cricket with almost a month-long festival of cricket starts. The excitement is palpable in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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