What is outbound and inbound Linking in blog website

Internal & External Linking in the blogger website?  

Using external and internal links for SEO

Both external and internal links have a place in as SEO Plan. Here's how you can use them strategically.

In Summary:

External = links that point to a separate domain 

Internal = links that point to content within the same Domain

Search engines determine this by looking at the domain name: if the links on a page link to other pages within the same domain, they are considered internal links.

If, for some reason, your website was built to have more than one domain, search engines will view this as an external link.


Inbound Links = Are links from other websites to yours. Inbound links are links that come from other websites or a different domain name.

Outbound Links are those links on your website that link out to websites with a different domain name.

Internal Links = Are links to your page from other pages to your own domain.

internal link in blogger inbound

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