How to fix home page thumbnail image issue in Blogger

How to fix home page images not showing in Blogger

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images not showing thumbnail issue in blogger 

In Blogger some template have thumbnail issue it means features image or thumbnail images are not showing properly. Because some template have body dimension is different then other template in this case you have to change that template or if your are expert in coding then you can try but before starting coding you need to take backup of your website:-

Reasons:- Not showing thumbnail image in blogger

  • Some code are removed
  • Body dimension is different
  • If your are insert your blog content to the other website and then this case thumbnail is not showing.
  • Thumbnail is showing in your phone dimension but in your laptop dimension is not working.

Blogger Post thumbnail not showing bug

1-Change your template
2-Go to youTube for proper fix that problem

Download blogger simple theme free 👇

👉 Download Simple Theme

How we can search your blog website on Google only title not complete URL?

If you want to search any website by their Title then write proper title as they written their website.
And if you want to see their all post then write site:
after type this you will see all post of their website.
If you want to search by Title then write:- Articles zones public informative
and search you will get my website.

My post is indexed on blog but not visible on Google by keywords' have to enter full URL to see it:
Ans:- Yes
If you want verify your url is Indexed on google then you can do it. always use google to see your url is indexed or not on Google.
All blogger is doing the same method to check their url is fully indexed or not.

Vivo v17 Pro is good for blogging or not

Yes Vivo v17 pro is also good for blogging:-
If you are using smartphone for your blogging then try to use Big screen or display phone because by this big screen you can comfortably type your content into blogger post, 4 or 8 GB RAM required for speed.

Are we can start blogging on smartphone please suggest me?

Yes you can start your blogging career with  Smartphones

best Blogging  phones under 1500:-

The content which is written on my blog is visible in another font on mobile
Ans:- If you want to change you font then you can, you can also provide padding between the fontstyle. you can change the size to text ,
Go Youtube and search :- how to change font in blogger

How to make lockdown blogs interesting?

If you want to write blog then, write what you know and use always H1, H2, H3 and paragraph , internal linking - External linking and do Image SEO also:-
And if your blog website is best for user then you can able to make more money by your blog content.

How to do Image SEO in Blogger :-
it means your image file name should be your target content and also write your target keywords into Alt/Title text.

blogging niche ideas 2021

  • Health and Fitness
  • Make Money Online
  • Relationship & Parenting
  • DIY & Crafting
  • Personal Finance
  • Travel
  • Cooking & Recipes
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Technology
  • Education

Will the copy articles be a problem for Amazon Affiliate?
Ans:- No problem with amazon affiliate but you copied articles from other website then, your content is called plagiarism content. plagiarism Content is never rank on google or any other search engine.

Important point of affiliate blogs

1-Make unique content for products
2-Always say positivity of presenting products
3-Expalin pros and cons of that products
4-Do On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO for organic traffic
5-Do Not try to cheat user, because after successfully order through your website, amazon member review your site.

Blogging Story 2021

We all want to make money from Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense. We all want to be rich overnight. We all want to buy cars, houses, expensive things.

But very few of us follow the right process. And as a result we have to face failure rather than success.

As an example, starting a WordPress blog will cost 3000-4000 rupees a year. But we do not want to take that risk. But when we hear the dialogue of Scam 1992 (Risk Hai To Ishq Hai), we start clapping our hands.

I'm not saying that we can’t be successful by creating a Free Blog on Blogger. But I never did and so I have very little idea about blogger.

However, I know that 99% of us who want to blog use smartphones, use electronic gadgets, shop a lot, spend a lot of money on food and drink. Maybe a lot more than 3000-4000 in a whole month.

But we can't spend that money a year learning something new for ourselves. We get scared before we start, if we don't succeed then the money will be wasted.

If I assume you won't be successful blogging for a year. But still you will learn some things that will take you much further in life.

I didn't give up when I started blogging and didn't get success after a few months later. I knew that if I didn't succeed in blogging for some reason, I would still be 23 years old (by 2020). So I had a lot of time to experiment a lot more things in life.

Also, whether it is success or failure, my experience is my experience that will be useful to me in the coming days. With this in mind I continue blogging. Today I am successful at blogging. Maybe not a pro or expert blogger. But I am happy, my parents are happy.

If I didn't succeed in blogging, I would apply for a digital marketing job. And I thought I would get a job. Because what we can learn from our own experience is not available in any book, course, video, podcast or article.

So I would like to request everyone to invest in themselves at least once. You will surely succeed. And even if you don't succeed, your experience teaches you something that will make your future.

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