Future jobs in demand in word Top 10 Career option USA 2021

What career field has a scope in the future?

The biggest problem when it comes to careers is that we just don't know all the options available to us how much fun will it be if we can play games and make that our future or career.
future careers in demand in india

What are career options that can earn a good income?

20 years ago, if you wanted to be an app developer you couldn't because there were no apps or smartphones.

The top apps today are also the most desired workplaces, The world has changed a lot in the last few years, this CHANGE is not stopping anytime soon!!

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Can we make a career in a field like gaming?

It is important to choose careers that are future-proof. In this article I am talking about:- gaming to careers in the environmental field.

Top 10 Different career options demand in India

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TOP 10 Demand jobs in INDIA or WORLD 

Build your Skill and earn more money, you can....

I want to tell you one fact
Oxford's study says Robots will eat up 20 million jobs sometime in the future. People shifted from house wagons to steam engines in the 19th century. The drivers that used to drive the horse wagons before shifted to driving the steam instead. Horses went out, Engines came in. But in the 21st century, it is possible that not just the car but also the driver get obsolete because of technology. That is why it is critical for you to choose a career that will exist for the next 50 years or so.


If you look at history or think about the future we have always needed a leader. Earlier we used to have kings. Today, entrepreneurs are the leader they are business leaders. Leaders are not job takers they are job givers. Leaders find opportunities not just for themselves but for their team,  For growth Rather than external factors they depend on internal factors for growth. It doesn't matter what the field is. Agriculture needs leaders to bring small and marginal farmers together and start an FPO- Farmers Producer Organization. We need leaders in technology India is a country of 1.3 billion people, It is the world's second-largest market. And to manage such huge volumes of data the country needs innovation and leadership. Whether a factory has machines or laborers we needs leaders to manage them. Leaders take responsibility if You take responsibility of your situation, or of your finances or of your life then you will always be one step ahead of everyone else.


Who said waste does not have any value?
China recovers so much Cobalt yearly their waste that it exceeds the amount mined during the year. Let us Consider electronic waste, Every person changes his/her phones once every 2 years, Then what happens to our old and unused phones? Either they are kept in a drawer or are thrown in the dustbin But your phones literally have gold in them. What if you can collect e-waste in your area and scientifically dismantle the components, and covert it into a business? Waste management is a $2 trillion industry globally we need people to take waste seriously in India. For this, you will need to be an entrepreneur, You'll need to build your own team for this, You'll need to build a product that can help the environment there is money in the field. But like every business, earning money takes time initially.  


In our childhood, we were always told that playing games on the computer is a waste of time, But did you know the Prize pool for Fortnite World Cup? ... $30 Million Us Dollar Prize, Johan Sundstein is 27 years old, He is the world's richest E-sports player, He purchases a 17 bedroom mansion in Lisbon, Portugal price is that 54 Crore!!! The global gaming industry is worth $300 billion And is growing rapidly in India as well. And we're not just talking about competitive gamers. Gaming-related fields are going to grow as well [ Organizers, Commentators, Gaming Journalist Review Such fields are going to be in demand as well. The proof is in front of you. It's not a coincidence that the world's highest subscribed individual YouTube creator made his entire career based on gaming and comedy. People who do not consider gaming as a career option are not keeping up with the changing times But gaming as a career is not at all easy. DISCIPLINE, Like any other sport, this requires a lot of discipline. The big difference between amateurs and professional gamers, Professional gamers consider their games as their job, They make strategies on how to improve their game constantly.


EMPATHY and Sympathy are two different things, Sympathy is taking pity on someone, Empathy means understanding someone's pain and troubles. Understanding others pain is a soft skill not a hard science, Professions like therapists, life coaches, mentors, counselors are going to be in demand in the coming future. Psychology is everywhere from clinical psychology to consumer behavior it's everywhere. Look at any brand's logo it tells you a story if not directly then through their colors And through their design also through their fonts, Psychology help designers understand consumer behavior As time passes our young entrepreneurs will keep getting younger, kids will start taking pressure from a younger age, Think about it, Where will they go for help and for guidance? There is power in understanding how people behave. 
So what skills will you need?
You will have to be a guiding light for people, You will have to separate their pain from yourself.


When Google launched their E-Mail service Gmail, they started offering their customers 1GB data storage, Even Bill gates wondered who will need 1GB of data storage. Today, we know when it comes to data even experts like Bill Gates got their predictions wrong. Data is the New Oil of the 21st century, Cybersecurity, ethical hacking are very interesting fields, Free services on the internet are only available for free because they take our data as payment for their services. The fact is today for our convenience we are ready to sacrifice our data privacy. In fact, this is what data science do , They use our data to give us best experience. Information is scattered around the internet Organizing this data in a meaningful way, interpreting it and using it to build new products, will be an in-demand job in the coming times. Today, DATA Scientists in the US get paid around Rs. 1 Crore. Where there is more money there is also competition. Where you got your education from, what is your experience and what are your natural skills- these matters here.


Movies like Jolly LLB show us only one side of Law, that is criminal law But we will need international lawyers in the coming times. In the last years, we have produced 90% of total data on the internet, Intellectual property right-patents, trademarks, copyrights, We will need people to protect these as well, to interpret these, our laws and lawyers will need to be upgraded, When we do have robots what country's rules will they follow? If a self-driving car gets into an accident then who is responsible? The passenger, the company or the engineer? The more complex the world around us keeps getting we'll need to form those many rules to keep things organized, there will be many more who will break these rules. The world will need more lawyers to uphold laws, rules & regulations. [ LEARNING NEVER STOPS!!] Lawyers have to keep updating and upgrading themselves if you enter law with a 'this will set my life without work' mentality then you will become a very mediocre lawyer and I don't think you want that.


This is complicated so let me explain with a story, In 2017, an incident that shocked the world, Stockfish 8 is a chess program, that can calculate 70 million chess positions in 1 second, THis program has decades of chess data to analyze. In 2017, Google's AlphaZero chess program played 100 games with Stockfish8  and AlphaZero did not lose even a single game. The surprising thing is, no human taught AlphaZero how to play, AlphaZero learned how to play chess by playing against itself, And that too, it taught itself in just 4 hours!. It took a new chess program only 4 hours to go from 0 to 1 that's machine learning of course, we look at lron Man and think all of this will be really easy BUT NO!, A not of time the works can get repetitive and technical to train machines, you will have to learn to think like machines.


Climate change is real, We desperately need eco-warriors in the world, We need to understand that NGOs can help upto a limit, Ultimately we will need social entrepreneurs who can find solutions and reduce our problems, Solar energy has a scope, there is a scope in eco-friendly bricks, there is a scope in reducing water wastage in the country. Corporates are working to make their products sustainable  
Your love for the environment can help corporates with this. Initially, people will laugh at you because you will have to go against the flow. And challenge everything that has been going on for years. [ IF YOU GIVE UP EASILY DON'T DO THIS ] 


Paramedical staff, other allied medical professions, dentists. These traditional options are not going to go anywhere. But when we consider healthcare as a whole, Technology will end up creating new jobs here. A developing country like India needs Telemedicine urgently. There are corners of India where heavy medical equipment can't go. Telemedicine can ensure a doctor's expertise reaches such corners.  In the Future, 5G Technology will improve internet connectivity, Doctors will be able to do remote-controlled surgeries across India. Obviously, healthcare is a very demanding profession. But if you have the aptitude it can be fulfilling as well. You may have to face a lot of tragedy in your life. [ YOU HAVE TO BE MENTALLY STRONG! ]


When you hear this word you can imagine a typical image, a poor man wearing a kurta, roaming with a jhola bag , But the 21st-century artist is different through NFT or Non-Funible Tokens the artist of today know how to market their art Maybe you're now aware but there are already digital auctions happening for art. Where people are selling their digital art & earning millions.

for example:- Disaster Girl has sold her popular meme as an NFT for $500,000.
Disaster Girl meme image
Businesses are going digital, businesses will need creative posts, logos, etc for their marketing, From menu cards to Interior designers. The scope of work for creative people will go up.

What skills will a person need?

Learn Software, you will need to be familiar with technology, Earlier, the artist painted with paintbrushes and paint,  Today, artists paint digitally using software, Most importantly, you will have to learn how to make art, not only for yourself but for your end customer. 

future careers in demand in USA
future jobs in india a 2022 perspective
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Future jobs in demand in India 
Future careers in demand in India

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