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 Windows 11 Minimum requirements and Official windows is free or Not 

So what is going to be the minimum requirement for windows 11, Well the fears that uh we had are here And I'm gonna give you a link to the Microsoft Health software  that is actually going to check your computer for compatibility with windows 11. 

So minimum requirements for windows 11, What are they

  • 64 bits
  • 1 Gigahertz bit dual core processor or better
  • 4 GB RAM ( minimum) 
  • 64 GB Storage ( Minimum )
  • 9-Inch Display
  • tpm 2.0
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window health checker download free window 11
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First of all 64 bits only this is the first time they actually do this and that means that if you have a 32-bit processor because window  10 came with 32-bit capability uh that is gone windows 11 is moving forward as a 64-bit uh only operating system so you'll need a 1 Gigahertz 64 bit dual core processor or better at least 4 GB of RAM so 4 Gigabyte is the minimum requirement 64 Gigabyte Storage is the minimum requirement at least a Nine inch ( 9-Inch) display or better and has to have resolution of 136 by 768 minimum, Now this is where it's going to hurt for a lot of people UEFI Secure boot and tpm 2.0 compatibility that means that TPM 2.0 is a requirement now I know a lot of you are going to say you can replace the file in blah blah and it's going to install it's going to work, YES but keep in mind we're focusing  here on average people that will just have idea no what to do and how that is done in and that mean lot of people with older PC are not compatible to windows 11. DirectX comp 12 compatible graphics so this would be important how do you know if you're compatible or not well here's the thing I will give the link where you can download THE PC HEALTH CHECK from Microsoft.

 so it's going to bring you once it's installed this software you have at the top a button that says introducing windows 11. You have to install this software and check that your PC is compatible for Windows 11 or Not.

Now of course I did the same thing on my Laptop, it says congratulations you are compatible with Window 11, You will be notified you want to do you want to be notified when it is available officially,, So click the  Link that I am given.

Install the PC health check and do the check now you're going to know if you're compatible or not but I suspect a big chunk of people are not compatible with windows 11. What that means you'll have to stay window 10  which is fine honestly and of course you know for those that are a little more tech knowledge there will be possibly.

Download The PC Health Check app for window Microsoft 

Download The PC Health Check 

Official Window 11 Free or Not 

Yes Window 11 is Free for user, for those system compatibility requirements is fulfil. they taking  time to giving update to windows 11. And it's free.

IF Window 11 is free then we will be able to see on update 

Yes you can upgrade you window 10 to Window 11, But never use pirated window 11, Be secure. Be careful  

When will the Windows 11 update come in window 10 ? 

If in your PC  window is active and serial key is also their, then your are good to go. Comes on May be last of this year, or starting of 2022. 

is pirated windows illegal

Yes  :

windows 11 iso download 64 bit

You can Download and free to use Window 11, But be secure, some people are smart they can hack your system, by adding some extra files on ISO file. So if you want to install window 11 then you need take that iso file only trusted people. 

windows 11 system requirements checker

windows 11 requirements checker

Windows 11 system check

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