client-server side technologies example web development

 Client-server side technologies example

Client server part-1:-

Role of client on internet:-

Client ( Device, Laptop, PC, Smartphone ) , who requests their needs... Client's have own IP address, For requesting server...those IP address is unique on Internet,,, and by using that Ip address client ( devices Like PC, Laptops) can access their needs.
1st Client request for the Process.., client's request go to the port number of server:-, 

Port number size is 16 bit. 16 bit means 216= 65536 ports possible

... it means ( 0 to 65535 )
If client request Mail--- then request interact with Mail server
If client request Images--- then request interact with Images server.

Client IP ( devices) -----> DNS-------this provides proper ip address --------> client device ( Now client have a Ip address for interact with server )

If we are making website then we are intract with port number 80 for reserve http ...

Port 25-------SMTP [sending]:- Simple mail transfer protocol--- For sending a Mail
Port 20/21--- FTP :- File transfer protocol---- For File uploading and downloading
port 110 ----  POP3 [Downloading]:- Post Office protocol version3  For downloading a Mail
port  80 ------ http:----webservices 
Port 443 : https

https:- Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
URL:- Universal Resources Locator 

Role of Server on Internet:-

Types of Ports in server ( 0 to- 65535 )-

1-well knows port ( 0 To 1023 ) :- For  universal uses... this conformed that in this port are always performed same operations, IANA also monitoring this port for the security purpose... Under this port range, All ports all decided that , which port perform which program

2- Registered Port ( 1024 to 49151 ):-   Monitoring in this port also... BY IANA...

3-Dynamic Port ( 49152 to 65535):- Not Monitoring:- 

IANA:- Internet Assigned number authority ] that oversees global IP address allocation, autonomous system number allocation, root zone management in the Domain Name System, media types, and other Internet Protocol-related symbols and Internet numbers.
This Body decided to given port address working factor..

server side technologies list

server side technology examples

client side technologies

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