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How many blog posts publish per week blogging topics Rank

But there are some general rules that you can follow in terms of how many blog post that you should actually write per month, And today I want cover some of those rules to help you understand what you should be writing for yourself.

Okay so instead of giving you hard numbers about how many posts you should do every single month I want you to think about a few things.

first to come to that number because I could say well every month you have to do 12 or 20 or 50 and it' not really realistic because you have to consider these variables okay so start about those For read shayari and quotes visit to this matlabi Rishtedar shayari

Most successful blogging topics for ranking post 

  • How competitive is your blog niche?
  • What Do your competitors do?
  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Create Content with purpose
  • Focus on low competition 
  • paid promotion 
  • How many posts per month?

How competitive is your blog niche? in Blogging field

So the better you competitors content is the fewer posts you should have monthly when you begin and the reason for that is that you really need to focus if you are in a niche where the competitor's content is really really good and it's really in-depth and really detailed you need to focus on creating something better Okay it's not a good idea for me to say well every single week you should create three blog posts or 5 blog post or whatever it may be because one blog post that you are writing might end up being 3,4,5, 10 thousand words right. So it rally first you have to look at the niche you are in and you have to understand how good is your competitors content and how is it that you can make better content than them. That's the first thing to understand.

What Do your competitors do? or  competitor analysis methods on Blogger 

 So, look at your competitors just straight up go into google Okay search whatever you know if you're writing a article search whatever that article may be in google look at the top three results Okay look at what your competitors are doing is it Business to Business or is it Business to consumer. If it's business to business type of content then most likely you're going to have really in depth content really detailed, statistics data graphs and stuff that will potentially bring new customers your may. If it's Business to consumer and you're just answering questions that consumers may ask, maybe it's not as you know significant in terms of the writing, but there is some level of detail there and you just need to make sure that you do better than your competitors in addition if you are looking at your competitors and it kind of depends on your Niche here but is your blog is it really like a news website or is it more focused on know like in-depth content like may be and in-depth affiliate review of a product that's really important too because news websites tend to have you know content that's it's 500 to 700 words may be less than even and you produce 10 pieces of content a day right. But that obviously wouldn't be the same if you had a in-depth affiliate site where you're writing these really in-depth blog posts that are 4, 5 thousand words you wouldn't be able to I mean you could push out 10 a day if you had a whole team behind you but as a single person you could never be that, so you have to understand what is it that your competitors are doing and look at how they built everything out to really understand what it is that's required of you.

Quality Over Quantity in your blog post content

Don't think that hey it I create you know five or ten blog posts are a week that's a surefire way to win it's not the surefire way to win, Is to take the time to create the best content on that particular topic okay so if you're just writing a blog post that's answering a question that people ask then just simply do that and look at your competitors and make a more in-depth blog post it's rally that simple you know, If your competitor's content is a thousand words make your 1250 words or 1500 words. And go into a little bit more depth that's all you have to do if your competitors have a guide that's 4000 words that's really in-depth then you probably want to create something that's a little bit longer that goes a little bit more in depth it's really about the quality of the content not just the quantity of the content. So when you're looking at creating content focus on making something that's better than what's out there already and that is what's going to really get you the gains not necessarily something where you're just saying okay well this is what's out there I am going to create five different posts out there that are maybe just a teeny bit better than these guys but not really a differentiator at all don't do that focus on quality over quantity.

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Next and this is an important one when you create your content make sure that you're creating it with a purpose:-

Create Content with purpose in blogging niche

So this is kind of a weird thing for beginners to get into their head but it's rally important to understand don't write and just ignore your content don't just write your content and say Oaky I wrote it and that's it and I am just going to walk away and how write something else, You should have a strategy for every piece of content that you create okay so this could be hey I am going to create this content and then I am going to share it on social media, I'm going to share it in maybe these different Facebook groups that or I'm going to use these different hashtags on twitter before you even invest the time to create the content make sure that you understand how you're going to promote that content that's very viral to being successful you know also like point backlink to the content so maybe what you're saying is okay I am going to create a piece of content and then I'm going to do a guest post over here and I'm going to create or point link from that guest post over to the content because it'll be a good resource to include.

Next you can focus on low competition and hope that it rank.

Focus on low competition in blogging field

So this goes a little bit against what I was saying earlier but the idea is when you're creating content you always want to create with a purpose right, so if you're doing keyword research and you see a really low competitive keyword phrase you may say, you know what I think that I could create a piece of content that would probably outrank everyone else for this and you're looking at your website or blog vs all the other. I think I could rank for that if that's you end goal then that's fine right understand that going in the idea here is that before you create the content you have some type of purpose or strategy around it to see how it will grow. Never just write content to write content terrible idea always have some underlying strategy to it.

Next is that you may want to do paid promotion 

Paid promotion :-

So I don't do this myself but you may say okay well I'm going to create this piece of content and then what, I'm going to do is advertise it like crazy on Facebook  and hope that it goes viral you could do that and if you do that just know we're going to do paid promotion with this and see how that works and then.

Focus on Production goals 

so start by saying okay I'm going to write one to two posts per week or you know maybe four to eight post per months that's totally fine to do but of you have a team you can increase those outputs you can scale that right and I'm a big fan of outsourcing blog writing and all that but if you have a team feel free to increase that but when you're starting out if you're just by yourself say I'm gonna you know have these production goals of creating one blog post a week or two a week or three a week whatever it may be that you think you can do where you can legitimately create the best content on the stuff that you're researching do that and focus on those production goals and then if you have a team and everything starting to grow then feel free to scale it up. 

How many blog posts per week for ranking

How many blog posts publish per month?

So summing everything up how many posts is it that you should write every single month well really it just comes back to however much you can handle as long as you are writing the best content about the particular topic that you're writing about and each piece of content you're creating has some sort of underlying strategy behind it that you can manage so it's rally not a good idea to say okay well I can create the best content.

If you are single person on blogging

I think 2 or 4 posts per week is a good, Production goal and somewhere between 8 to 12 posts per month is a good production goal and I say that because I know it's stretching you a little bit I know it's challenging but I also think that generally speaking it's doable.

But if you have a team on blogger 

You know it rally comes down to whatever your team can handle while maintaining the quality the key is to have that quality that's better than everything out there and to make sure that you have an underlying strategy to everything that you create. So I have blog  where I just do four post per month it really just depends on what your niche is and what your competitors are doing and just making sure that you're creating content where you can outrank that's the most important thing..

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The reality is google still not capable to rely on quality content to rank them on serps. But yeah it will bring sustainable growth. So just focusing on producing quality content will never bring results (depends on the niche) there are some very important otuer factors that needs to be considered like branding, links, structure of the site, social presence and so on. Its true its still not capable to rank content on just quality basis.

How many days can I succeed on a blog?

 Most successful blogging topics

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