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The opportunity was so cool for me that I could not resist posing like SRK in my hostel room.

The pic was shot 14 years back during my Engineering Days on a special moment when I got an opportunity to work in our university sales & marketing team as an intern. Of course, no incentive no salary.

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Most of my friends thought working with zero incentive is meaningless. But I made a deal to get access to the premium range of book collection libraries where only PhDs & Masters were allowed.

Read a bunch of Dan Kennedy Books & my learning from Napoleon Hill & Stephen Covey taught me that everyone has to start with zero- nothing is an overnight game.

Nothing is perfect & being imperfect is the best to realize that at least you are intending to grow.

"Guys The journey isn't smooth, don't wait for the runway. Get started with the muddy path with gratitude & eventually you will find your runway to fly high."

You have to learn, unlearn & relearn during the process. And enjoy the process of sometime when being broke.

Because when life breaks you, you're re-constructing yourself within.

The SRK pose reveals the inner happiness in the pic.

alok kumar badatia motivational lines

Just after 3 months, I got a part-time job opportunity with an American editing house.

Just after one year, I was elected as the cultural head of the university.

2 years down the line I started paying off my engineering fee with my part-time income & eventually got paced with Wipro in their Advertisement wing.

Later the same year, I started making many colleges as my clients & used my copywriting skills & newborn Facebook platform to get admission for them.

Sold my websites in the next 4 years and wines my first apartment.

"So guys Patience is the key. It's not the ability to wait but it's all about having a great attitude while waiting."

Dear entrepreneurs don't fall for short-term goals or instant gratification or fake income screenshots. Strengthen your roots, learn & implement as much as you can.

Fail Fast but fail Differently.

Just remember, Happiness comes out of being willing to do your hard work in your 20s to find out who you are, what you love.

Your Coach
Alok Badatia

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