How can a local business use influencer marketing for Growth

How A Local Business Use Influencer Marketing

Yes, everyone can use Influencer marketing to grow their brand. At this time all big brand’s company use some big influencer marketer to grow their business. Influencers have a good community or followers that follow their regular activities. And that's why companies or brands use influencers that promote their brand. influencer marketing, it provides more conversion or more sales because they have a positive ability to express products of that brand.

Relationship between local business and Influencer marketing

Bring to mind your favorite small business, or actually could even be your small business so imagine putting yourself in their shoes. Now this business has been in operation for almost a year and they decided to implement influence marketing as a growth tactic, a way to scale their community and potentially increase the revenue. After all, the more people who know about you and identify with your brand or your product the more likely you are to increase your revenue. At Local business you can start with the local influencer, but make sure that the influence is a good fit with your brand or not. 

Now the values of your company and the influencer who is a great fit for the size of your company today, You are going to grow and it is going to shift and change so being clear on your company values, When you start to source influencers is incredibly important. Is sustainability a core value you will definitely want to be looking for people who also believe in cruelty free honesty inclusion. 

Local business use influencer marketing for grow

" Influencers are an extension of your brand and vice versa" 

Influencers want to feel as though they are aligned with the business they are using and the products they sharing with their community. This is the key to building a genuine partnership. that will not only be fun but will work so well. A small business or Local business starting out I highly recommended focusing on local influencers that might already be familiar with your brand or your product strategically , I would identify those with 10,000 followers or more because you'll potentially want them to do the Instagram stories and include the swipe Up to you website services or your products. Now remember: The bigger the following and engagement the more money you will need to potentially allocate.

How much do I Need to spend on influencers?

You need to do whatever is comfortable for you though so this might vary a little bit, however you should know that until the influencers start to talk about your product show genuine love and use of how it fits into their life some budget will have to do spent, So don't expect conversion and traffic to happen after one post unless the product is something they've already talked about before it an obvious fit or it has a sentiment of course they use that product. 

There's no official calculator for how much you should pay an influencer for a Project This is because it depends on what social media channel you're asking to be featured on, the type of content you're requesting and a few other factors.

 Or services the intention of gifting is simple  here's the when and why of gifting and a few bullet points 

1- Do you research if you notice an influencer who would benefit from your product and you would love to introduce them to it. send them a friendly DM now here's the key and read clearly this is not the time for a sales pitch or a time to make the ask remember the foundation of a great partnership is authenticity also if they graciously decline, it's okay I am personally happy to see the shift in conscious consumption rather than people wanting more and more and more and saying yes yes yes... we're starting to see people choose mindfully what they'd like to fill their lives with.

2-Now if the influencer says YES I would love to try your product here's my mailing address this is a huge win they're willing to give it a go. Now this doesn't mean you will automatically see them post about it, this mean they've created space in their routine to test out your product, I would encourage you to send along some personalized education with your product based on what you know about them, how do you see them using it, what's a fun facts about your product you'd like to share with them.

influencer marketing for small business

Now if influencers are reaching out to you asking to try your product, this is great. Maybe there are some tester sizes or smaller bundles you'd like to offer when someone is wanting to try your product.

Maybe it's an influencer you've had your eye on for quite a while and you want to send them a customized selection of your product, again I'd encourage you to prioritize the importance of building the relationship and trying the product over making the ask. Mostly likely if the influencer is interested in the product tries it love it they will want to share it with their community, It will feel so natural and automatic, sourcing budget gifting we're just skimming the surface of hot topics in the world of influence marketing remember 

" The community that uses and talks about your product is an extension  of your brand. We want to set a solid foundation and this all starts with an authentic relationship!!" 

The top three benefits of Influencer marketing :-

1- Brand awareness:- They are helping these brands achieve and get to more eyeballs because that is what every brand wants.

2- Lead generation :- Extremely important, They are helping convert these eyeballs to potential future customers. 

3-Brand advocacy:- The kind of trust and loyalty that these influencers have built over years is now going to rub off on the brands that they work with. 

Types of Influencer Marketing campaigns:-

There are three major types of campaigns :-

1:- Barter:- The Brand offers a product or service to the influencer free of cost and the influencer in turn, reviews and recommends it to their followers. This is usually when a brand sends you some kind of merchandise or product and in exchange of that you give them a social media deliverable. There are no monetary compensation involved in these kind of campaigns.

2- Affiliate Marketing: -- In these kind of influencer marketing campaigns, the brand gives you a certain kind of a coupon code, which is unique to that said influencer and every time there is a lead generated through that coupon code, the influencer gets a certain commission for that.

3-Fixed Fee Model: - This happens when the brand usually pays and upfront fee to the creator in exchange for a new social media deliverables, This usually happens when the creator has built a certain level of influencer over their audiences and the brand is comfortable paying that upfront fee without any variable model involved. 

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