How to create Free blog on Blogger blogSpot and earn Money

How to start blogging for free 2021 Course

In the world have various free platform for creating free Blog. But today I am going to tell about Blogger. It is the google product where anyone can create free blog with their Google Account..

Outline of Topics

1-How to create free blog on Blogger

How to create a free website or blog with Now this is a 100% free solution you get free website hosting and you even get free subdomain  so it will be something that you choose.  To start off simply just go to and with your google account you can click on create your Blog. We're gonna go ahead and sign into your Google account. 

Process of Creating free blog on Blogger:-

1-Go to 

How to create Free blog on Blogger blogSpot

2-Choose Your Google Account:-

How to create Free blog on Blogger blogSpot

Now first thing I'm gonna do is choose the name for your blog So I am gonna call mine... Example:- Please choose the correct title name for your website: I am giving you some big websites title examples:-

Title:-  Hindusthan Samachar


Title:- Bollywood News Speed


Now I think you get some hint,,, 

3- See My Blog Title and go ahead and click on next and then like I was saying you get your free domain name url so its going to be something 

Title and blog url on Blogger 

How to create Free blog on Blogger 2021

How to create Free blog on Blogger account 2021 USA

That's available so I am going to click on next, now next screen you will see Confirm Your display name so this is me as the author of this blog so I am going to use Admin. And we'll click finish.

SO That is it until that's all you need to do really to set up the Blog. Right now let's take a look at what this looks like by default theme, You get a blog that looks like this pretty decent. And there is no content obviously at this point so.

Note:- For visiting Your Blog Just click on View Blog
Free  Blogger website examples 2021 earning proof

2nd Lecture I am going to teach you How to customize your Blogger Website. And that post I am also giving you free best theme for your blogger website.

Now I am going to explain:-
how to create free blog website in blogger 2021 USA
Post:- Where You can Create Your content , You can Publish or save draft..

Stats:- Here You can see your website's viewing stats like Your which post is getting more views.. 
Here you can also track your traffic sources.

Comments:- Here You can manage comments, If you want to delete any comment from your post then you can easily do it,,, And always delete scam comments from your blog website.

Earnings:- After 3 months of your website, and your websites have 30 quality post for getting google adsense Approved.. Earning session you can manage your earning methods.

Pages:- Pages are creating more role in blogging website, All bloggers have a common pages like Privacy policy, terms and conditions , disclaimer, contact us, About us.. You should create that pages.. If you don't know how to create that pages.. I going to teach you.. comment on my post I will be create post.

Layout:- Where you can change colors of your website, like Text color, text color change after hover..etc

Theme:- Here you can take backup of your website, and Change your website's theme if you don't like your blogger's default theme.. And also you can edit html code, If you know coding then you can customize your website very easy..

Setting:- In this section you can edit your details like :- Title, Description, Blog Language, Permissions, redirections and you can also add you custom domain if you have...

2-Why Blogger is best for beginners

3-How to Grow our Blogger website

4-How to do SEO in blogger Website

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