Raj Shamani reveal his 7 source of income on Online Work

Raj Shamani's 7th source of earning On Online Work

If you want to make a lot of money, You need to have multiple sources of income. Because one Stream of income is never enough for making or full fil with lot of money, if you want to become a millionaire or billionaires. These words are usually everybody told.. But nobody can tell you how to build these source of income?

How to build multiple sources of income ?

Today Raj Shamani has have 7 Different streams of income!! He says what he did, He says just focus on one thing for the first time..

Raj Shamani's 7 Different Income Sources :-

  1. Consultancy
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Brand Deals
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Courses selling
  6. Book writing or Content writer!
  7. Own Business and Teaching

Who is Raj Shamani Entrepreneur

He is Entrepreneur and content Creator , Influencer, Social Media marketer. 
stats of Date:- 1st September 2021
Age:- 24 yr
Instagram followers:- 1.1M
LinkedIn Followers:- 60,317
YouTuber Subscriber:- 57.5K
Twitter Followers:-  44.4K 


Consultancy means you tell other people things that:- 
  • They don't know about
  • They have less knowledge About
  • Will benefit them
He started consultancy when he was just 17 age, Firstly he asked his father that what could I do through that I become most valuable in my place, And tell me 3-4 things which makes me better..

Then his father said to Raj Shamani:- Don't Run behind 3-4 Things. Find just one thing and become master on that field..

Then he searched on google that : Top 5 most payable skills. then again searched on google that is- Which skill would be in most demand in the future ?
 Then he got it :- Online Marketing, Digital Marketing.. And Where Can I learn Digital Marketing From?

He studied Digital Marketing on Internet. Learn how to run google ads and Facebook ads.

His friends father worked on jaguar land rover, Raj Shamani says his friends father that can i get internship at your company.

his uncle said to Raj :- NO, why we should give you internship.

Raj Says to uncle:- Please you tell me, your problem , which I can help you. ( How Can I use this skill to solve people's problems ? )

Raj was helped his uncle and saved their money 2 Lakh money .. By placing ads on google ads.. And he is achieved most successful on that filed.

Public Speaking:-
Public Speaking the place where you can scale your Skill very fast. He said " What did I learn" that is "Social Media Marketing" 
And he started to tell his story that , What did he do? :- Spoke in the public About it. And he did some free public speaking at big colleges ..

He says:-After More than 100 free speeches,  People understood my value, After that I was paid for that "Value"

And after 2 years, his community scaled growth to 1,50,000 followers. 

Brand Deals:-

If 1,50,000 people are listening to me , Brands would be willing to pay me to talk about them to my audience.
he says , I'm still giving a speech , still talking about the same things, But I'm doing it  while Promoting a brand in some way.

Current followers on Instagram:- 1.5M

Affiliate Marketing:-

What is Affiliate marketing? 

He says:- Whichever product I am promoting, I drop a link to the same in the description of that video, every purchase made through that link provides me with a commission.

How can I make money off of my interests on the social media? 

He says:- People who trust on me and my abilities and want to create a similar skill-set will buy that course. 
Raj Shamani sources of income in online 2021


Writing book on my topics, Like social media marketing and digital marketing. He paid for writing books on amazon and many other platforms.. 


He is 7th income source is Teaching other individuals "How to become a Creator" , Provide them with services. 

Raj Shamani company:- Shamani industries , Soap Manufacture 
Raj Shamani no girlfriend and no Wife.

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