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Story of Raj shamani And about of Raj shamani

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My Name is Raj Shamani and, I started a business at the age of 16. That's currently valued at way more than what, I could have ever imagined.

story of  raj shamani and his earning sources

Well What did I do ? and How did I do this ?

What is the kind of perspective you need in order to have a wealth creating mindset or a money-making mindset that is what I'm going to cover today if I have to summarize my entire philosophy of investing or my entire journey into one line it would be become a producer rather than a consumer, this is why I've been able to see opportunities and capitalize on them.

When I was in 8th I used to do taekwondo and this next door Samosawala would run out of samosas by the end of the evening leaving hungry seniors with money in their pockets so in one such tournament I bought 10 samosas at 10 each in the morning itself and then gave it to a Chaiwala nearby and asked them to sell it at the price of 20 each and ask them we will split the profit if they got sold and if not then I'll bear the losses. I came to the tournament with 100 rupees in my pocket and went back home with 150, I saw a consumer need and became a producer of the thing which I loved a lot, of course at that age I didn't understand all of this clearly and also 50 rupees was not going to make a difference in my life are going to change my life completely but at that age all I cared was that my piggy bank was fuller than my cousins.

I understand this is not a particularly inspiring or a revolutionary event of my life but at this point I started developing nature of problem solving, I started becoming a hustler which is a way fancier word for just Jugaado, In order to make any serious money moves one has to become Thoda Gugaado in Life.

2nd StoryLine of Mr. Raj Shamani

When I was in Charge of the music in my school, I was given the budget of 5000 INR and the equipment which I wanted, The speakers the jazz and all of those things would cost me at least 15,000 INR . Now little side note about myself, I used to take DJ lessons because I wanted to become a successful teacher not every venture can be success right. But the person who used to teach me was a DJ himself and used to provide DJ equipment so I told him that our budget is only 5000 INR and I want this favor from him can you please do this for us can you provide me the 15,000  rupees equipment of 5000 rupees, He said NO,

But of course he said no, people don't do things out of kindness or just gestures everywhere especially in the business world not every time it happens right. Now I needed to incentivize this person to get the kind of discount which I wanted because I really needed this setup so told him that, HOW ABOUT YOU GIVE ME THE ENTIRE SET OF 15, 000 rupees for 5,000 and I Promise to get you more clients, worth 10,000 which was the kind of discount  which he was giving me and if I'm not able to do that then in six months by the time my classes end I will pay him full money. He agreed to that maybe because of my audacity to ask maybe because he genuinely believed that I could do this.

These are the things which I have done in my life which has allowed me to make financially dumb decisions like unnecessarily renting an expensive apartment.

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