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Can I show AdSense ad in my subdomain blogs or not, and is this risk for my AdSense or not?

Ans:- NO, Risk Because your Main Domain is approved by Google and you can also place your ads on sub-domain website.

Setup Ads in Sub-domain website:-

Before Going to Add your sub-domain, 1st You have to create Sub-Domain. You can create Sub-domain where you purchased your domain name otherwise you create through your hosting panel.

1-Add Your Sub-Domain in Google AdSense.

Blogger related question answer earn money by writing
2- Go to Blogger and Enable custom ads.txt
3- Now you Go to Place ads on your Sub-domain website:-
Examples of Sub-Domain Website:-

I have 1,000 views on a blog without ads click. How much can I earn through AdSense?

Ans:- 1000 views means = ( $5 to $10) Earning. Your Question is Good but, Listen brother, No matter how many views have on your website. Revenue will comes from the Ads clicks and high quality of CPC keywords. And also from the impression.

Which is better, to review products on YouTube, your blog, or both?

Ans:- Think both is Great, 

Can we earn money by writing content on Blogspot in 2021?

Ans:- Yes Can earn, I am the example.. Read my Method of Earning Through:- 

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